Midweek Irrits


 Name that Tune:       “Everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today– In the Year 2525, Ian Brown

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “I hope no one else is going to make me cross today” – The Witches

 Am in an irrational mood of irritation and exasperation with the World today, for which I blame the following factors:-

 *Not enough sleep;

*Fed up with self at being so god damn wide;

*Saddened at seeing Bman looking more & more disinterested in me every day;

*Whining childerbeast.

*Not being able to go to the Ian Brown gig on June 11th at Platt Lane Park.  http://thewarehouseproject.com/ianbrown/

So while I feel like having a whine myself I think I shall have a bit of a therapeutic rant.  Here goes:-

 Childerbeast starting every sentence with the phrase: “Do you know?” as in; “Mum? Do you know Daddy right?” or “Do you know so & so right? Well they said this to me & now I’m not their friend.” 

Yes I do know daddy, I’ve known him since 1980!  Yes I know so & so, I’m her Mother, she’s your sister, of course I know her”.


 Next: What’s with people auctioning Primani clothing on eBay and listing it as *Vintage* or *rare* and marking up the price?  It’s Primark FFS, not Mary Quant or 1970’s Vivienne Westwood!   I might be a fat f*cker but I’m not that flippin lazy that I can’t get off my backside and go into town and buy the bloody thing myself for a tenner.

 Greedy Git!

 Lastly: The National Lottery website.  Please take note that if I have forgotten my username and password & followed all the instructions online, which then lead me to a helpline telephone number to call for further assistance – I’d appreciate not being told by a recorded message after going through several ‘press 1, now press 3, now press your hash key 48 times to the tune of ‘Money Makes the World Go Round’ to then be advised to now;  ‘follow the instructions for forgotten username & password on our website.’

I just friggin’ did that you twat and it told me to ring you! – where do you think I got this bloody number from?

 Set of balls!


**deep breath** Time for a brew – everything always seems better after a cup of tea.


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