devils haircut


Name that Tune:    “What I’d give to run my fingers through your hair” – Always, Bon Jovi

Movie Quote of the Day:    “Do I look like someone who knows what they are doing?” – Land of the Lost

Eureka! – So said Archimedes apparently.

So did I when they decided to implement a pay once get in free for a year scheme to celebrate their 18th birthday. Cheap Times.

Tomorrow we are Ten Pin Bowling – if you book to play before 0930 and it’s 1pence a game. Strike!


Chester visit last week was successful. Weather was great, company even better. Caught up with folks, brother, old drinking buddies, old work chum and even went to a wedding fayre with my sister at Old Trafford ***makes sign of crucifix***. I even lowered myself to make purchase of some crap in the gift shop (sorry. ‘Mega Store’) to go in the prize box at school – Children, bless them, have little imagination when it comes to football team support.

 I shall make sure I am reimbursed for the trouble and humiliation, which, to be fair, could have been worse if we had joined the wrong line to get into the wedding fayre because apparently the X Factor auditions were being held in the next suite. I can picture Simon Cowell’s face if me, my sister & 2 childerbeast trooped in with a Man U carrier bag full of pencils and burst into an impromptu rendition of Killing Me Softly!

When is a Fayre a Fayre and not a ‘Fair’ anyway? Does it have to involve rides of some description? (and don’t get me started on the difference between Fete’s, Galas and Feasts.)

Random thought of the week: Is it just me that feels the urge to stroke David Milliband’s hair to see what it feels like? I imagine it to be much akin to one of those novelty boot cleaners in the shape of a hedgehog that whimsical folk have at their back door. ‘Scuse me Dave, could you just assume the position while I give the old Hunters a scrape, there’s a good chap.


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