Name that Tune:       “Sorry I cannot hear you I’m kind of busy” – Telephone, Lady GaGa

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “Stay gold ponyboy” – The Outsiders

 Went straight to the Boro after work on Thursday.  A had been complaining of feeling unwell all day which I put down to flaking it because it was last day of term, & it being cold & windy day & her not winning the decorated egg contest.  She came in at lunchtime saying she had a headache but I sent her back out again.  I was proved to be an uncaring and poor Mother when, on the train from Sadford to Leeds at 4pm, she almost passed out and then on the Leeds to Boro train started to come out in chickenpox before my very eyes – Calamine times and guilt trips ahoy.

 At least with it being the holidays neither of us had to miss any school time.  She didn’t seem unduly fussed by them, bless her.  She was fine to go to the Sealife Centre with Grandma on Saturday while I got parole and headed off to town for some childfree time..

 Got the Bronxcliff bus and got off in front of Aldi & opposite a branch of Cash Converters (which used to be a bank) which about sums the place up to be honest.  The Unfortunates drifting about town looked like they were auditioning for Shaun of the Dead 2 and seemed to be 90% disabled in some way and out for a day’s jolly round Poundland with their Carers. Doubtless on a mission for broken biscuits, batteries which will last 10 minutes if you’re lucky & to stock up on out of date tins of Spam.

 Widening the pavements on the seafront and revamping the Open Air Theatre will not a St Tropez on the East Coast make…

 Sunday morning Easter Bunny laid a treasure trail of clues for the childerbeast to find eggs around the house at Grandmas.  When questioned as to why he had not left them outside in the garden this year, I blamed it on the multitude of frogs in grandma’s pond who would have undoubtedly eaten the eggs had they been left outside.  I am now sick to death of the sight of crème eggs and the like, which is saying something for a committed chocoholic as myself.  My ass can take no more Cap’n, she’s gonna blow!

The M-i-L had been up and about since the before the crack of dawn on Easter Sunday celebrating the Rising of the Son with various other church groups (did you see what they did there?) scoffing hot cross buns & watching the sun rise over the amusement arcades & defending their early morning repast from passing revelers, hungry from a night’s drunken devilry in the Casino (lucky b*star*s).   I had said that if we were up and ready we would go with her.   (Is there a word for those deals you make when you already know that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of you being able to pull it off?  If not I may have to invent one.)

 Oooh! Brainbug’s Nightmare has just come on iTunes so excuse me while I chair rave for a few minutes & hope that the window-cleaner doesn’t choose this moment to chamois my upstairs. ……………………………

Click here to join me  watch?v=F2yZHJhpFLg

Rave urge now sated.

 I shall continue…

      Returned home yesterday for a quick turnaround of washing & ironing before repacking again for Chester trip tomorrow.  I find that the holidays taste much sweeter away from home, particularly if the Bman is working and cannot join us.  It’s much too time-consuming to bicker via text & what’s that saying about absence making the heart grow fonder? (Although of course there’s also that one about absence making the heart lose wager…)








 Wish I had more money to burn during the hols though.  Now, if I has been more of a chav in my youth I could have amassed a worthy collection of gold claddagh, clown chains and sovs which I could now cash in at any one of the rash of Cash4Gold emporia that have merged in the last 12 months.  Not a TV break goes by without some WAG looking type extolling the virtues of having cashed in her collection of engagement rings and made a mint, at which point she brandishes a fan of freshly ironed £20 notes.   I have 2 pairs of gold hoop earrings for when I’m feeling of going a bit ‘Chatsworth’ and a couple of gold dress rings, now missing stones.  I don’t think you can make such an impressive fan with freshly ironed 50p coins.  If there were such a thing as ‘Cash4plastic-kids-tat-&-cuddly toys’ well, now you’re talking – I’d be booking a cruise round the Med.

Back from Chester on Sunday evening so until then… adios amigas Xx

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