Easter Close Down


Name that Tune:   “Don’t go knocking on my door, gotta stay away for sure”– Knocking on my door, Britney Spears

Movie Quote of the Day:    “Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I *was* crazy? Then the world would be okay” Twelve Monkeys


Pro’s of living close to my job:-

(a) 5 minute walk to work in the morning.

(b) Not having to get up as early due to close proximity of work.

(c) Being able to stroll home for lunch if the fancy takes me.

(d) Being back in the house after work by 3:25 if I don’t get sidetracked.


(a) Can’t blame traffic if ever late for work.

(b) Inmates from work living close by.

(c) Seeing young inmates from work throwing stones at each other outside.

(d) Young inmates seeing me watching them throw stones at each other outside

(e) Inmates now knowing where I live & deciding to keep knocking on the door to babble inanely at me in mistaken belief they are being somehow endearing.

[Note to self:  research legal mantraps & electrified door knockers on eBay]


Only one more ‘Get Up’ until Break Up. Which sounds like a pro of working in the education sector but let me tell you that school holidays are the last refuge of the childless or the empty nest brigade.   For the rest of us it will be the cue for childerbeast to wake up bouncing with vigour and enthusiasm for the day ahead (a full 90 minutes before you usually have to drag them out of bed for school.)

Whoop! It’s the holidays! Yippee let’s get up with the dawn chorus & get dressed into flimsy unsuitable mismatched summer clothes at 6am and trash the entire house before Mummy drags her unholy carcass downstairs to brew the first of many fortifying coffees before moving onto the Bombay Saph shortly after ‘Murder She Wrote’!

We return to work on April 19th.  I am already counting the days.

Have many excursions planned in order to minimize destruction in the home and diffuse any potential anger/irritation build ups which, in the confines of the home, tend to blow out of all proportion and degenerate into a psychotic red mist of expletives and empty threats to send them off to Boarding School.

Wish me the Best of British

Ciao for now xx

PS. Kudos to my eldest for winning the ‘We Are Writers’ competition for her year today. Maybe my youngest will score a double by winning the decorated egg contest tomorrow with her version of Tim Burton’s Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee?

Watch this space.


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