Sunday Blowout


Name that Tune:   “What you doing on your back? You should be dancing.” – You Should Be Dancing, Bee Gees

Movie Quote of the Day:  “Man who catch fly with chopsticks can accomplish anything” – Karate Kid


Went to my Chinese friend’s newborn baby banquet yesterday (a red egg & ginger party) and for your delectation (and to incite envy) I have listed the 14 course menu as follows:-

Barbecued sliced suckling pig

Stir fried king prawn & scallop

Seafood parcels

Braised shark’s fin soup

Baked lobster with ginger & spring onion

Braised abalone slices with seasonal greens

Traditional baked chicken in rock salt

Crispy duck with mashed Taro

Steamed Turbot

Stir fried sticky rice

Braised noodles

Delightful sweet dessert

Sweetened Lotus Seed Buns

Fresh Fruit Platter


Isle of Jura 10 Year old whisky


I was very happy that the childerbeast had a bash at everything that arrived on the table, although I didn’t tell them what abalone actually was until after they had tried some. R’s favourite dish was the sharks fin soup and A’s favourite was the suckling pig, although both were entertained by the Lotus Seed Buns looking like miniature bumcheeks on a platter.

Both girls were impeccably well behaved and neither Bman nor I had to raise our voices once to them (or each other) so, all in all, Good Times had by all.   

My favourite bit was when my friend’s brother came over and apologized for the fact that things may begin get out of hand due to someone letting his mum have some booze… before the second course was taken away she had sung 3 songs and demonstrated that she could still do the splits, for which she received a round of applause as she didn’t look a young woman! Clearly the scallops agreed with her!

As everyone on our table was driving except me, I got the pleasure of the bottle of champers & the Jura just for me. Whoohoo! If we’d stayed any longer I may have been joining Mama in the splits and karaoke myself (along with R who drank a can of 7up, a Coke and half a can of Tango – I’m amazed she didn’t start climbing the walls).

After the meal was over we went downstairs to check out the Chinese Supermarket and came home with a bag full of random items and unfathomable dried goods to go with the doggy bag we had taken. In all honesty these will likely be either binned due to culinary ineptitude or get taken to school next October as part of our Harvest Festival donation (just to baffle the local elderly population).

Abalone sandwich anyone?


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