Spam & Egg (on my face)


Name that Tune:   “Cause I live and I learn, yes I live and I learn” – Live & Learn, The Cardigans

Movie Quote of the Day:  “Let me see… Red hair… vacant expressions?” – Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

A late entry (fnar fnar) to the Spam email of the Week was this on which greeted me in my inbox this morning:- ‘cuteteenhavingherassplugged’, the contents of which read as follows:-

“annalen will never part with it even for that large sum i smiled as he pronounced the word large do just how great a degree of manliness he would bear himself as for brenton to her extreme of lord roberts’ troops those which were stationed in the vicinity of stinkfontein and to seize some ridges interesting but somewhat perilous for a few broken people did not lose one moment but came at once meanwhile I went on sheneedsmorethanthattoycangive occur to the student of the bible”

The point of these emails escapes even my fertile yet raddled mind. Why? Why? Why? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address.

FYI our Teachers Team was beaten by one point last night by the Dinner Ladies. I slunk home head hung in shame, clutching the giant pink cuddly rabbit I won on the raffle and contemplated throwing myself under a passing car in order to avoid the humiliation of never hearing the end of it. I blame myself for not knowing the name of the eldest character in the 80’s kids TV series ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ even though Bman has the complete box set. I demand a stewards enquiry though, as technically ‘Dungeon Master’ was most definitely older than ‘Hank’. I also dispute the inclusion of questions about Thumbalina and Rapunzel being included in the Art & Literature section. Or maybe I am just being a sore loser.


PS I just discovered that for years I have been singing the wrong words to Beck’s ‘Loser’. When I have been singing; “So open up the door, I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me”. It has actually nothing about doors in it at all and should in fact be; “Soy un perdedor I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me”. ‘Soy un perdedor’ being Spanish for ‘I am a loser’. You really DO learn something new every day!


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