Gwangi Times


Name that Tune:       “What’s that coming over the hill?” – Monster, The Automatic 

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “I make it a rule never to shake hands with an anxious man” – The Valley of Gwangi 


Things you thought you’d never say to your children: 


“10p says it eats the dwarf & 20p says the elephant buys it too” 

 Saturday afternoon movie – watching the ‘Valley of Gwangi’ with the childerbeast.  I had Bman record it for us when it was on TV on Thursday.  I remember watching it one stormy wet afternoon 30 years ago, eating Minstrels and Galaxy Ripples on the settee with my Aunty Sharon & Uncle Gary when we lived on Wellhome Avenue in Grimsby. 

 Chocolate binge and a dinosaur movie – no wonder the memory has stayed with me all this time. 

She owes me 30 pence!


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