Fire Up The Quattro


 Name that Tune:       “Where did you come from where did you go” – Cotton Eye Joe, RedNex

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “This is my do whatever I want and get away with it badge” – Transformers

Ashes to Ashes

 Could I BE any more giddy at the prospect of the return of the man like Gene Genie – the D to the C to the Izzle, Gene Hunt to our screens from next Friday. 

Good Friday indeed!  

Mores the pity I don’t look anything like Keeley Hawes.  I’m more of a M&S Magic Knickers kinda gal than a ‘Bolly Keks’.

I for one, will be in full 80’s gear every Friday at 9pm onwards for the foreseeable (no change there for me then to be fair.)  Mr Hunt, please feel free to fire up my Quattro… (does anyone remember the fizzy pop called *Quattro? – why don’t they bring that back?)


This week’s “How the frig did I end up here?” moment so far has been me, assisting to teach a class of 24 children how to Line Dance to ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’.     Never, in my craziest imaginings of Things To Do Before I Die did that scenario ever crop up.  Managed not to screw it up though so, Yay, Score!

 * see also, Texan bars, Cabanas, Highland Toffee and those 2p lager bottle jelly sweets and Counters, which were essentially those flat chocolate sweets you still get in bags of Revels.


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