Early to Bed


Name that Tune: “Danced with the she devil in the pale moonlight Alarm bells rang, but I loved the drama” – Won’t Go Quietly, Example

Movie Quote of the Day: “Good luck with that slow descent into madness” – Ice Age 3

Things which amused me for far too long this week:

1) The documentary on Tourettes on BBC1. I know it’s wrong & unprofessional to find it funny, but I did really feel for him too. How shite his childhood had been compared to the other young boy who seems to getting along just fine, but you can’t argue with comedy gold moments such as jabbing yourself in the face with the lit end of a fag, punching your carer in the face during an Asda shop or yelling “Tosser!” at a bewildered looking checkout jockey.

Funny, but proper hand over your mouth cos you know it’s wrong, funny.

Bless him. I’d marry him if I weren’t already taken.

2) Having to bawl out some older students at breaktime on Thursday & it being reported back to me later that they told their class teacher that; “we all got told off by that Posh Teacher”.

Brilliant!  Although I’m sure that out of earshot of any adults I was referred to as something a lot less amusing…

The persistent rain has drained me of energy today so I am retreating to my bed with a Vitamin V and a bit of Gene Hunt.

Hubba Hubba!

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