Hoppy Mather’s Day


Name that Tune:   “No one can be myself like I can” – The One & Only, Chesney Hawkes

Movie Quote of the Day:   “The dude abides” – The Big Lebowski

Nicely returned from a Mother’s Day weekend in Chester Y’s with the childerbeast. Bman has gone to Boro to treat his mother to a meal out. I very much enjoyed my homemade cards from the childerbeast. Following in the family tradition of misspelled greetings cards, the amusement of ‘Hoppy Mathers’ will doubtless still be spoken of for many years. Also loving the selection of chocolates which will be lucky to last till the end of ‘Lark Rise’ later this evening.

The train station was awash with young, purple and green haired goths, rockers and Napalm Death types looking hungover and tired, which was unusual for Chester on a Sunday. Have just checked the Information Superhighway and realized that they all must have been at Hammerfest at Pontins in Prestatyn – Rock and Roll! Weekend was most relaxing and pleasant spent in company of parents, bro and sis. Was assailed with wedding magazines within first hour of arrival and was amused to see amongst the endless photos of dresses which all looked the same after a while, that you can actually hire Chico of “Chico Time” fame to come and be your wedding singer. Now there’s a wedding gift that just keeps on giving!

**ponders** I wonder how much it would be for Chesney Hawkes? TTFN Xx


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