Diary Fillers


Name that Tune:       “If this is the kind of love my mom warned me about then I’m in trouble” – 911, Wycliff & Mary J Blige

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “Anyone with a head that large is welcome in my court” – Alice in Wonderland


Hiccupping?  What’s that all about?

 Just about to get off to sleep last night and out of nowhere…a fit of hiccups.  Is there anything more annoying? (apart from when you have a migraine and then also get hiccups).  Tried to get rid of them with the old hold your breath and swallow 3 times routine but to no avail and then, as suddenly as they had begun, they stopped.

 Our bodies are both amazing and yet disturbingly freaky.


Had 2 pleasurable telephone episodes today. 

#1  a text asking if we were around this Sunday for a visit from ex-housemate and good friend & her brood. – Yes we are and I’m looking forward to it. 

#2  a phonecall from old workmate and friend, not seen for years, inviting us all to a 14 course Chinese banquet in a couple of weeks to celebrate the birth of her first baby.  Count me in old friend.  Have chopsticks, will travel!

All that and military precision planned Half Term visits and activities arranged with various parties, to keep the kids entertained and out of my house and into someone elses for as much of the Easter Break as possible.

 Good times ahead.


Proof that ‘Shameless’ can still deliver with last night’s Frank Gallagher classic, when referring to a blind decorator:-

 “He’s better at wallpaper but it has to be anaglypta, if it’s woodchip he thinks he’s reading Ulysses”






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