Name that Tune: “I turned around and you were gone and on and on the days went” – Barking at the Moon, Jenny Lewis

Movie Quote of the Day:
“She came out of nowhere and then she just vanished” – Down to Earth

Whilst scrolling through Google Images last night in search of an old friend* It was interesting to see what images actually came under the heading of ‘1950’s Pin Up Art’. Amongst all the images I expected to see of risqué but cute glamorous ladies with the wind catching their skirts causing them to expose their stocking tops, or a shocked looking Betty Homemaker with her knickers akimbo on the bus (Art Frahm seemed to have a bit of a thing for this kind of picture), I came across a fair few misfits but I have narrowed it down to these 4 favourite thorns amongst roses:-


Happy Meal anyone? (Salty butt & hair like noodles – nice!)

Quite possibly me at this year’s MoorFest


Quaility bookends – treat Mum for Mother’s Day!
After scrolling through about 60 pages I lost the will to be bothered but it would seem that my old friend has vanished (doubtless in a haze of heady perfume whilst wearing a marabou trimmed sheer peignoir and possibly even riding a white swan). If I do find her I shall share the joy because I, for one, would love to see her back.

* Frank, if you’re there, you will remember this one 😉

Happy Googling Xx

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