Everybody Look at Me Me!


Name that Tune: “Your trumpet’s blowing for far too long” – Who Do You Think You Are? Spice Girls

Movie Quote of the Day:
“’What’s the point of doing anything worthwhile if there’s nobody watching? So when people are watching, it makes you a better person.” – To Die For

I was impressed last week at The Deep by this guy’s work which was on display throughout the exhibition. I should have been paying attention to the reason why the River Hull is cleaner than it looks, as we observed through the rain & windswept windows of the upstairs cafeteria but I got sidetracked by the bright colours and uniform lines of old lighters and lollysticks adorning the walls. Check him out and begin collecting old trash at once and making art from it – go on, I dare you to copy. The simplest ideas are always the best. http://martin-waters.co.uk/

A friend of ours once had a dining room table he created himself in a very similar style to this (but if anyone replicates my early 90’s Lambert & Butler photoframe I may take legal action).

Anyway, I couldn’t remember his name so I did a bit of Googling and while I was dabbling in the all seeing eye that is Google I tried to find my own blog.

Guess what?
Nowhere to be found?

I think a rename is on the cards. When it was Diary of a Desperate Housewife or DOADHW it came up at least 3rd or 4th time on a Google search. I changed the name (I forget why?) Probably because these days everyone’s a frigging Desperate Housewife! Well they’re not. Take a hike ladies. I was here first, since January 2006 baby na na na na na! Maybe I changed it because now I don’t consider myself a housewife. Housewives are meant to cook and clean and go to coffee mornings or Mum & Tots groups, they take Prozac & Valium and watch ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and ‘60 Minute Makeover’ and the like. I don’t do any of those things (anymore) That’s sooo four years ago darling (although the P&V part sounds like it might be worth a revisit).

I digress.

So, I became Divine Secrets of the Yaarkshire Sisterhood and Woah! Hold the phone. There’s like 6 other Divine Secrets of the something other than the Ya Ya’s blogs and webpages out there but no sign of mine.

This is no good. How the hell am I ever going get a nomination for one of these bad boys. http://2010.bloggies.com/

Seriously, there’s like awards for talking twaddle online and thinking you’re so much of something that everyone should want to read about every last meal you had and shit you took and whether or not you had a good day or a crap one. Who knew? 😉

Clearly I need to go out more, use more profanity, be funnier and stop wallowing about in a cloud of my own gloom. Suggestions for alternative (& more Search Engine friendly) blog titles on a postcard please, or leave a comment, or Twitter me (tweet me? Twit? Twat? -Whatevs!) Keep it clean though. I have young and susceptible minds in my care.

BTW. Do you not love Martin Waters ‘Beach’? Old Smartie lids made into a collage spelling the word ‘Beach’ – Brilliant! If only I had thought of that for my GCSE Art 12 hour examination piece instead of the dogshit brown batik of a dragonfly that I ended up with, which looked like one of those magic eye pictures that never quite works, I may have even passed!


2 Responses to “Everybody Look at Me Me!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Isn't it the River Humber (or Ouse?). As for new name … 'All hail the jinna!' would be a good starting point.

  2. The DHW Says:

    Hull is actually on the River Hull – it's proper name is Kingston Upon Hull and it's where the Hull meets the Humber estuary. So there you go – you learn something new everyday. I already knew this because I used to live in Grimsby & crossed the river on the ferry in the days before the Humber Bridge was built (Yes I really am THAT old)

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