I wud dye 4 U


Name that Tune: “Well my body’s been a mess, and I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress” – Valerie, The Zutons

Movie Quote of the Day: “I forget stuff and I aint as pretty as I used to be but god damn it I’m still standing here!” – The Wrestler

A liked her birthday cake – she wanted a square cake that looked like a blue present with a yellow ribbon & stars on it.

Ta Da!

So, Jane Asher doesn’t need to worry about the competition but at least the birthday girl appreciated it.

The party went well on Friday at Jackaboos Play Zone. Everyone turned up who I was expecting to turn up & she got a good haul of giftage. Her actual birthday on Saturday was also successful. Again, a good haul of gifts and cash. in fact her cuddly dog – the ubiquitous Sandy, got as many presents as her, in the form of outfits from Build a Bear. He now has a tuxedo, a school uniform and a superman outfit complete with red boots! Very dapper.

Sadly, today Sandy is not looking quite so dapper or in fact quite so creamy coloured. He is presently drying on the radiator and is more of a grey/blue thanks to a quick spin around the washer with A’s new black coat after both the coat and Sandy were unceremoniously and unexpectedly vomited upon as we sat waiting for a train at Bradford Interchange this morning! A’s fault with the chunder, but my bad with the washing mix-up. I blame the fact that I was in such a hurry to get the stinking soiled items (coat, Sandy, baa-baa, cardigan and trou) into the machine after I had to carry them home in my bag (also now in wash) as the stench was permeating my skin.

Our plan had been to go to Manchester for the last day of the holidays and go to Urbis to see the exhibition on the History of UK Hip Hop*, we then had plans for China Town again to stock up on our latest discovery of bamboo shoot hooch and perhaps a jaunt round Primani for something cheap & cheerful to wear with my jeans on Saturday when I go out in Boro.

Clearly, A had her own views on the UK hip Hop scene and Primada’s lastest spring Tat collection and demonstrated thus in a projectile fashion for the delectation of the passing public at Bradford Train Station whilst waiting for the 10:32 to ManVic. My apologies once again to the platform staff who were extremely helpful and courteous but who undoubtedly cursed us once we had retreated hurriedly down the steps to the Ladies loo.

On the plus side she says she quite likes Sandy’s new blue look. I tried some of those colour run catcher sheet things but they didn’t work. Perhaps some of that washer safe bleach will do the job.

Am not having much look on the topic of colours and dyes this weekend truth be told. I decided that as I have been in the redhead club since August now I would like to return to being a little blonder. I was thinking a nice dark blonde similar to my actual colour way back in 1985 before I caught my mum off guard and asked her if I could have a fiver for a bottle of Sun-In. Her mum wasn’t well at the time and in retrospect it was devious (if subconsciously so) of me to ask while her guard was down. Since then I have had more hair colour changes than Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter stories. Anyhoo I got myself some pre-lightener to strip off the reddy brown and a box of medium blonde. So Saturday night after the pre-lightener I went out to a 60th birthday partyup at the S&D club with my hair still wet but looking a bit on the Polish side, especially with my snug jeans on and high boots – all I needed was a Henley’s checked bomber jacket, a gold clown necklace and claddagh earrings & I could have had a part on ‘Shameless’. The pre-lightening had to be done though so I could make with the new colour the following day.

So Sunday morning I got up and set to – 30 minutes later and I resembled the lovechild of Cilla Black & Mick Hucknall. It wasn’t pretty!

So, off I trot in the snow (more snow? Really? Do we have to?) up to Morridogs to see what they had in the way of darker dyes to rectify my jaffa cake of a barnet. 2 boxes of “Natural Darkest Blonde”, a tub of super extra conditioning treatment & £20 lighter I came home and started over.

Here I am today with… guess what? The same fecking dark red hair colour I started off with on Friday! Arse!

Destiny has decreed that; “Tonight (and forever) Matthew… I am going to be… a ginger minger”.
Sic Vita Est!

* http://www.urbis.org.uk/page.asp?id=3340

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