Half Term so far


Name that Tune: “And he’s watching us all in the eye of the tiger” – Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Movie Quote of the Day: “Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called ‘see who can be quiet the longest’ / Cool! My mom loves that game” – Up

Half Term!! Day 6 and I’m still breathing.

I made and tossed my first successful pancake on Tuesday teatime. Something of a milestone for a girl who last attempted pancakes about 2 years ago and ended up with something akin to an omelette that had been rubbed against a cheese-grater. Not so this year. Forget the Year of the Tiger, this is 2010 – The Year of the Pancake! Bman, you are now officially surplus to requirements vis a vis the making of pancakes. 🙂 Even more amusing is the fact that because he didn’t have any on Tuesday he decided to do them for dessert tonight and I can hear him right now cursing downstairs as they are not going right and keep dropping to bits in the pan. Ahh so…Confuscious say you are not perhaps as perfect at everything as you believe 😉 Although doubtless it will transpire to be my fault somehow.

Took the childerbeast to Manchester on Sunday for the Chinese New Year festivities which were, as usual, rampacked and excellent. Hada great afternoon with my sister & JC and bought Bman some bamboo-shoot based Chinese liquor as a Valentine gift which went down very well (although in light of the carrying on and scraping into the bin I can hear from the kitchen, perhaps a new frying pan might have been the way forward). LOL

On Tuesday morning we set off for Scarborough so they could experience the singular Shrovetide celebrations of the old hometown, namely skipping on the seafront. Bman was working, hence the necessity for me to make with the frying pan and batter mix this year. Also had a pleasant afternoon catching up with an old friend while my childerbeast and hers painted each others toenails (and the carpet) and dressed up as various Disney Princesses. She had been bought a Juke Box for her birthday last year by her hubby so that kept me amused for far too long and it all went a bit 1980’s school disco for a while. Good times.

Came home yesterday and set to making A’s birthday cake for her party tomorrow. I don’t know what it will taste like but she seems very happy with the overall effect.
Here’s hoping her party goes just as well.

PS. is it wrong to gloat so over Bmans pancake fiasco? 😉

3 Responses to “Half Term so far”

  1. Michael Says:

    Is skipping on the seafront some sort of Scarborough tradition?

  2. The DHW Says:

    He. yes it is since 1903 or some such. Believed to have started when the fishermen around this time of year sorted out their ropes and passed on the ones that were no good to the local kids to use as skiping ropes 🙂

  3. The DHW Says:

    Hi not 'he' & skipping not 'skiping' – Man! I hate it when that happens

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