Theatre plans


Name that Tune: “Money’s too tight to mention, I can’t even qualify for my pension” – Money’s too tight to mention, Simply Red

Movie Quote of the Day: “I believe in being honest, Brewster. No bullshit. I’m stuck with you.” – Brewsters Millions

I wonder if there will ever be a time when I actually have any of that elusive booty known as “disposable income”? Does anyone remember it?
I have fond memories of squandering my monthly wage on frivolities like fancy underwear; shoes I didn’t really need but just liked the look of; and raucous nights out in different towns. All of which paid for in cash I might add, without assistance from our flexible friend, that master of seduction, the silver tongued lothario that is… Captain Credit Card .

Lost weekends+spent cash = Good Memories (to keep me warm at night now that it boils down to going to bed in my dressing gown & socks to save on the gas bill, which incidentally, I ended up having to pay to NPower… grrrrr!).

Of course that was way back in the Jurassic era when I paid my mum & dad £50 a month bed & board, C&A was still on the High Street and only one of our friends had a mobile phone (pointless really as he had no-one to text or call on it – possibly texting wasn’t even available then!)

Happy Days.

These days it’s hardly worth even looking at my payslip because as soon as it goes into the bank it gets sucked straight back out and all the while birthdays come, celebration days arrive, childrens’ feet grow overnight and burst out of school shoes like Bruce Banner in a mad mood.

So… I have booked myself a ticket to go and see the fantastic stage adaptation of Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman in Black’ as a bit of a treat to myself to look forward to for June when it is on in Liverpool.

I’ve roped a couple of pals in who are game, despite not being familiar with the story and just maybe we can turn it into a bit of a girls-own adventure if I initiate them into the melee of a summer Saturday night in Concert Square, Matthew Street etc. I may need to start ironing my hair & applying make-up 4 months in advance if I have any hope in hell of blending in with the locals though. They scrub up well those Scouse ladies, whereas I usually end up thinking I look alright then seeing photographic (with the emphasis on the graphic) evidence to the contrary the next day.
To quote Edina Monsoon from Abs Fabs: – “I look like a 100 year old, red Indian, dead dwarf!”
It’ll make a change to go to a theatre production that doesn’t involve children sitting on my knee though and having to spend a fortune on miniscule tubs of ice cream in the interval or watch failed theatrical-studies students dressed up as purple dinosuars or giant pigs, encouraging “mums & dads to join in with the songs”.

Time for Me with a capital ‘M
M’ is for Me and not just M..u..m..m..y.
School’s out for a week anyway and A’s birthday looms. I’ve a party at Jackaboos Soft Play zone to pay for on Friday evening, which sounded like a good idea 2 months ago when I put down a deposit but now I am wondering where the balance is coming from – probably be a bit off to rake through her birthday cards for tenners, hehehe.
Also have the trauma of a cake to bake! A homemade one has been requested.
Will the curse of Ria strike again?
Luckily we pass a Co-Op and a Greggs on the way to Jackaboos if a hasty alternative is required on the day.





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