Name that Tune: “Billy Hunt Billy Hunt Billy Billy Billy” – Billy Hunt, The Jam

Movie Quote of the Day: “Good luck with your delusion of superiority” – Horton Hears a Who”


How cross am I at Bman right now?

We only had a conversation yesterday at how the way certain people speak to other people is unacceptable and I get home today from work to be greeted by a face like a smacked arse and a load of grumbling about the whereabouts of his online banking log-on details.
After 10 minutes of thinly veiled accusations of my having thrown them out or moved them on purpose (just to annoy him) and a lot of bickering back and to with suggestions as to where this vital information might be I decided to check myself and Bugger Me if they weren’t exactly where he left them but just hadn’t checked properly before leaping to inaccurate conclusion that I had something to do with it.

It’s Christmas bloody Day all over again, when I was railed at for breaking his stereo because I’d moved a lamp near the plugs and dislodged something. I ended up sat on my own upstairs crying into my advocaat infront of “Honey I Blew Up The Kid”. It later transpired that it was nothing to do with me at all and actually operator ineptitude on his part. I did eventually get an apology for that but I’m still waiting for one about these missing bank details.


As my Auntie G once said – “Men? I shit ‘em!”



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