Apologies for the break in transmission


Name that Tune: “…and it was a little bit frightening” – Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas

Movie Quote of the Day: “Love can’t always be perfect. Love is just…love” – The Wedding Planner

I leave Bman unsupervised for a weekend and what happens? He nacks up the PC by opening some erroneous email or other, doubtless along the lines of:- “Check out this link to naked pics of Megan Fox” or “Click this link to see yourself in an old video I found…” You know the type of thing.

How many times do we have to have the conversation on Internet savvy? He’ll be sending his bank details to a bogus Nigerian Bank next thinking he will get a share in £185,000,000 in unclaimed prize money.

Anyway… crisis averted thanks to a phonecall to my trusty IT Consultant and a minimum spend on rectifying the problem and I am back online. Whoo hoo!

Thank goodness I have blown Facebook off, otherwise I would have likely gone insane from a 5 day drought of not being able to check up on what my old classmates of ’86 have been having for their tea or harvesting my cartoon artichokes. How would I have coped?

The reason my husband was left unattended to surf the net for gravity defying boobs and oiled up buttcheeks (or whatever it is he does on the PC when I am not in the house) was that I went to Chester to go wedding dress shopping with my sister and my mum. A childerbeast-free experience to boot, as I left the girlies with my Pops for some Grandpa & grandchild bonding time. He took it upon himself to treat them to an afternoon at the movies, which they loved but I think he is still having a lie-down in a darkened room a full 10 days after being subjected to; “Alvin & the Chipmunks – The Squeakuel”.

Dress shopping was a success! The first shop and the 5th dress and we had a winner. I still think we should continue these expeditions for the next 18months despite a deposit having been put down, if only so I can pretend to be the bride and have a go at getting meringued-up just for fun.

Bman was away at the weekend so I had some friends round for a girly catch-up Saturday night. They were half-cut by the time they arrived which made the Wii Just Dance a lot more entertaining. The karaoke machine was also in full effect and I shall never again be able to hear Carl Douglas’ ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ without an image in my head of someone slumped on the floor after coming a-cropper in a mid air leap from the living room rug to the doorway – slidey socks, laminate flooring, half a dozen cans of lager and pretending to be Jackie Chan do not mix well, but do make for bladder-weakening hilarity for the spectator.

Good Times.


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