Money Matters/Grey Matter


Name that Tune: “but please give me strength to carry on..” – Give me Strength, Eric Clapton

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” – Finding Nemo

The ongoing saga of the robbing Gas supply bastards continues… I feel like chaining myself to the rooftop of the Houses of Parliament dressed as Wonder Woman in some kind of protest but no doubt I’d still end up having to pay up.

Fossil Fuel? F@ck me!

At these rates it’ll be sleeping bags akimbo, cooking on the old camping stove and all sleeping in the same bed for warmth just to save money. I’m taking the childerbeast to Chester at the weekend & Bman is back to work then so at least that should save some shekels.
Bloody hell, we’ve promised the offspring a Florida holiday next year – the full Mickey Mouse shebang so I hope we don’t get another cold snap or we may find ourselves sat indoors in our coats and scarves to try and save some dollars.

If it’s not been thieving utilities suppliers giving me the irrits today it’s been childerbeast. Not so much my own this time to be fair but others…

People talk about the standard of Education going down the swanny but in my own opinion I feel that it’s the standard of the general publics’ common sense and ability to use their grey matter that is going to hell in a handcart.

“Miss! How do you spell England or United Kingdom?”
“If it’s easier, just put U.K.”
“How do you spell that Miss?”

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Deep breath & just keep going….


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