Daylight Robbery


Name that Tune: “Chi la sottil carezza D’un bacio cosi ardente Mai ridir potr?” – Chi Il Bel Sogno Di Doretta, From Puccini’s ‘La Rondine’

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Robbed! I’ve been robbed!” – Robin Hood

Reference my posting of Sunday, 10 January 2010

“We could override the thermostat and the timer of course but with Bman in the house that would just be asking for a shrill & hysterical lecture on the cost of gas.”

In a futile attempt to try and save a few bucks back in October I foolishly signed up on the doorstep to one of those “Hey! We can save you a fiver a year on your energy bills you tight twat, just sign your life away right here…” type deals. So, I switched. I then of course got the call from my original supplier chasing me up with a “Why are you leaving us?” call and I said if they could better the deal then I would remain with them. They did better the deal so, I agreed to stay.
“You don’t need to do anything Mrs Beaver” assures the Sales Reptile over the phone. “Leave it all to us”

So….As far as I am concerned there has been no ACTUAL alteration to my gas supply as the time between the doorstep signature and the chase up call and me agreeing to stay was literally 10 days.

How come then that I have been sent a *Final Bill* from the supplier I decided not to actually go with, stiffing me for £99.62 for supply of my gas between 21st November and 21st December? Received on the 20th and requiring payment in full by the 27th I might add.

One hundred sheets for a months worth of gas? WTF? It’s a terraced house where the heating comes on twice a day, no gas fires, yes, it’s a gas hob cooker but only ever one ring on at a time is in use and, as I have clearly mentioned, there’s no overriding the thermostat and heating controls in this house with the Bman at the helm! How much gas can we be using? I’m not running a bloody concentration camp exterminating Jews here for f*cks sake . How can it possibly cost that much?

I have sent an enquiring email but I expect this may turn into a bit of a saga so watch this space.

How I got into this situation I don’t know, having been down this road once before back in Manchester when 2 different gas suppliers claimed to be supplying our one bedroom flat (with an electric oven) at the same time with £400 worth of gas over 3 months.
I blame the office staff and have little faith in their insider knowledge on the way of the pipes. I haven’t forgotten an old friend once getting summer work in the office at British Gas in the telesales dept and having been there a few weeks asked; “is it gas or electric that’s the one you can see that has a blue flame?” Crikey! (god love you honey 🙂 x )

One Response to “Daylight Robbery”

  1. Michael Says:

    I am so glad now that I have told these sad bastards to get lost. I knew there'd be a catch. One advantage of having a Yorkshire accent here is that I can get rid of them by saying I'm just on holiday here and looking after the house for a few days!

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