Ice Ice Baby


Name that Tune: “You know the closer your destination the more you’re slip sliding away” – Slip sliding away, Paul Simon

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Watch my icy hot super slide!” – Blades of Glory

Yesterday was the first day since we returned to school that we had a full contingent in class. You could tell we had been used to small classes of 12 to 15 children as it did not take long for our heckles and voices to raise!

Today I was due to do Breakfast Club and cover a class in the afternoon on HLTA rates, which meant overtime for me. Good Times! Unfortunately Mother Nature had alternative plans and school ended up being closed again today due to treacherous icy roads making it impossible for the majority of staff to make it to School (Boo hiss: lost my overtime there). I was already at the gates when I got the call, after gingerly making my way the 5 minute walk with the kids. It was pretty bad and we were on foot. I can’t imagine what it must be like to drive in.
Only yesterday a friend had a minor fenderbender skiing down a hill in Bradford in her car, pin-balling from one parked car to the next apparently. Even worse, a friend and her children were all hit by a skidding vehicle that mounted the pavement as they walked home! One of them is still in hospital, so I have fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Sending happy thoughts xx

So it looks like today I get an unexpected day at home. The childerbeast have got Cbeebies on already (curse me for locating that missing remote control) so I may hide in my room with Phil & Holly on ITV and see what’s going down in the realm of Daytime TV.

My new powder blue Hunters are supposed to get delivered today though so I’ll be home to receive them!
This is what my life has come to… getting a thrill at the thought of a pair of wellies arriving.

Nurse! The screens… I’m going to put myself out of my misery. 🙂



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