All white on the night


Name that Tune: “..with scarves of red tied ’round their throats to keep their little heads from falling in the snow” – White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Foxes

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Cold? I’m freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off” – Cool Runnings

It’s still a nationwide whiteout. I was forced to do the ironing this afternoon, just to keep warm. We are living on Hot Chocolate drinks and donning extra layers of socks and cardis during that 4 hour period during the day when the heating goes off. We could override the thermostat and the timer of course but with Bman in the house that would just be asking for a shrill & hysterical lecture on the cost of gas.

On the plus side my Wii game ‘Just Dance’ arrived on Thursday and if anything is likely to keep you warm then that bad boy will do the trick. My entire upper body ached on Friday morning from playing on it for 2 hours on Thursday evening. I have absolutely no rhythm and even less co-ordination so I think I may need to get the childerbeast to video me and upload it onto YouTube. When I had a go at the full version of Technotronic ‘Pump up the Jam’ I almost wet myself laughing and I couldn’t even see myself! Good Times. Can’t wait to have a bash at it with my sis after a couple of wines. Although I have to say; playing that is probably the best laugh at myself I have had in a very long time without the aid of any alcohol!

School was open again on Thursday although we probably only had about two thirds of the pupils turn up. Ditto Friday, so it was a bit of a patch job with the lessons, with some classes doubling up due to lack of numbers. Hopefully next week will be better although there seems to be no sign of the snow going anywhere for a few days yet. Minus 21 in some areas of the UK overnight one night last week!! Minus 21! Bloody hell! Now that is pretty parky. Now wishing I had bought that wooden sledge the other year that I saw in the hardware shop on Farsley Town Street.

Whoop! The heating has come on so I can move around now instead of huddling up to the computer for warmth.

Ciao for now. TTFN Xx


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