Still a Whiteout


Name that Tune: “Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy-cozy are we” – Sleigh Ride, Ella Fitzgerald

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Well, why don’t they call it The Big Chill? Or The Nippy Era? I’m just sayin’, how do we know it’s an Ice Age?” – Ice Age

Apropos my post of yesterday, this morning on my back doorstep I was delivered a further 3 inches, making a grand total of 7inchs (or 23cm if you prefer metric measurements). Impressive. But come on, we’re British; Sturdy stock and all that. I am sure we can handle a bit more without going all unnecessary…

I had got up for work and was made-up, hair styled but still in my dressing gown (leopard print of course) and half way through my second pint of coffee (in my new giant sized mug I got for Christmas) when I was informed via text that school was closed.
Too wired on caffeine to go back to sleep straight away, I lay like broccoli on the couch watching footage of unfeasibly cheerful (under the circumstances) people being interviewed in their cars on the A3, where they had happily spent the night huddled in the footwell of their vehicles awaiting rescue by the 4th Emergency Service.

Yes. It snowed again during the night.

I got back into bed and dozed until the Childerbeast awoke. Bman then got up with them and did their breakfast whilst regaling them of his tales of derring do and heroism last night when the underside of his train caught fire! I’d heard it all before when he got in last night. It sounds a lot more thrilling than it actually was to be fair. He only had one passenger who he removed to another carriage while the driver went gung ho with the fire extinguisher. Still, at least it would have kept their feet warm in this Big Freeze that we are experiencing.

Once he had gone to work today, the childerbeast and I wrapped up and headed out to build an igloo, which lasted about 20 minutes before they got bored , so I took then down the road on their shit round toboggans instead. Managed to harness them together with some washing line then looped the line around myself and ran down the road dragging them along behind me. They enjoyed that immensely until the shit toboggans just snowploughed the pavement and they ended up sat in a massive pile of snow, trou all wet and snow in their boots. 4 pairs of socks on apiece and still complaining about frostbite and whining and carrying on and wanting to go home after we had barely been out 15 minutes.
Bman wants us to do a skiing holiday with them. Ha! Good luck with that mate!

Despite not having done all that much really today I felt exhausted and decided to go to bed early and watch “Waterloo Road”. The BBC had other plans and replaced my usual 8pm Wednesday night televisual vegetative state with a half hour special emergency news bulletin. Not about some major Worldwide ecological disaster or terrorist atrocity but, yes, you’ve guessed it… about snow.

It snowed! Deal with it! Get some tins of beans and a couple of candles on standby in case there are any powercuts but for fecks sake? It’s January in the UK. This is what happens -that’s why it’s called Winter. It’s not the next Ice Age. We’re not going to see glaciers making their way across the Brecon Beacons and penguins bellysliding down the Thames Barrier.

Give it a few months and it’ll be breaking news at Reuters that the suns out and it’s getting a bit warm.

Does make for some good photo ops though, the old white powder…


Cats eye view from doorstep

Mush! Mummy. Mush Mush!

Want to go home now, it;s inside my wellies!

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