White Stuff


Name that Tune: “When it snows, ain’t it thrilling, though your nose gets a chilling” – Winter Wonderland, Bing Crosby

Movie Quote of the Day: “Reports are coming in about extreme weather in the area” – The Day After Tomorrow

Not for the first time in my life today have I been continually assured that I can expect in excess of 6 inches but as you can see……there appears to only actually be 4.

It’s an old gag but one that will never fail to raise if not a smile, then at least a knowing eyebrow.


Unfullfilled promise
Yes. It snowed again. Joy!

So Great Britain comes to a grinding halt on the A1 and the Nation’s transport infrastructure implodes on itself.

Pathetic really… although I really do feel for the homeless and potless when it gets this cold.




The washing line of Damocles



One Response to “White Stuff”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yikes, that looks cold. Nice to look at, though. I was going to try think of something witty to say about four inches [of snow, of course], but thought better of it.

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