Straight Outta Campton


Name that Tune: “Well don’t rely on people you meet, coz no-one is safe on these streets” – New in Town, Little Boots

Movie Quote of the Day: “The room’s starting to spin, coz of the gayness” – Talledega Nights

New Years Day and a new decade. Can it really be 10 years since the whole Millennium gig? Computer networks across the planet crashing irrepairably & planes falling from the sky as the chimes struck 12 on December 31st 1999.
Oh that’s right, none of those things happened or, in all sensible likelihood were they ever going to. Still, it was a neat ploy to whip the nation into a frenzy of panic buying of bottled water, tinned peaches and the hasty erection of makeshift Anderson Shelters in the back yards of the pessimistic over suspicious masses.

This will be my 4th year I think of blogging! Is that right? Let me calculate here a sec… I am pretty sure it was January 2006 when I started all this. Blimey… Here I am. Still drivelling on, repeating myself and Yes, I still find it helps. 🙂

My sister and JC came round on Tuesday lunchtime while Bman drove Ma B home. She had decided she had enough of us and wanted to go home 2 days early for some P&Q. Fun times on the WiiSing – ‘Poker Face’ will never sound the same again I’m sure!
Later I had a lovely meal on Tuesday night round at a friends house down the road. Almost broke my neck tottering round there in my shiny new purple FM boots purchased in the Sales earlier that morning. Probably should have worn more suitable footwear in the icy conditions but lets face it, if I didn’t wear them then they would have just sat in the wardrobe forever – invitations to parties being a tad thin on the ground of late. Anyway I managed to get there in one piece and enjoyed a good night of fine food, Margheritas, Tequilas and Apple Vodkas and a bit of a blast on the old Singstar before shambling home. Karaoke Times indeed.

Spent Wednesday trying not to die infront of the childerbeast (plus 2 extra kids I was looking after for a friend). Fortunately they were all tired too and were easily persuaded to cooch up in bed with DVD and then an afternoon of back to back cheesy films on the Beeb.

Yesterday DTR came to stay from Northampton with his dog in tow, which at least kept the 2 cats from trying to kill each other, as they were united in fear and spent the night hiding together under my bed.

Had drunken phonecalls with parents and sibs after midnight. Sibs were out at a houseparty in the ghettos of Chester (the Boywonder wearing velvet strides by all accounts.) I await the headline in the Chester Chronicle: – “Carnage on the Camp”. The unusual sartorial choice being that of my Pops’ apparently, in an attempt to glam up my Bro’s wardrobe to try and get him a New Year shag (possibly from Quentin Crisp!) At a party in Blacon, I think freshly pressed trackydaks and the latest Liverpool top would have sufficed to entice the local ladies (and I use that term loosely).
I’ve text him to see how he got on but have yet to receive a reply. Not sure if I should send in Gok Wan in or the Marines to get him back out of Compton alive! Bless him.

Great to see DTR though and we stayed up until 4am putting the World to rights and drinking champagne.

Feel remarkably chipper today considering the late night/early morning and have (so far) maintained my New Year Resolution of trying not to be grumpy and shout at the childerbeast. I’ll let you know how that pans out …

So…A Happy New Year to you all and TTFN Xxx


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