Spirit wherefore out thou?


Name that Tune:
“He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake” – Santa Claus is coming to town, Frank Sinatra

Movie Quote of the Day:
“I’m just a cotton headed ninnymuggins” – Elf

Do you not think that if you could only write a really catchy Christmas Song, however twee and naff, that you probably would never have to work again, like Hugh Grant’s character on ‘About a Boy’ and it wasn’t even him who wrote the song, it was his dad. I was just thinking that there hasn’t been a decent recent Christmas song since that one by ‘The Darkness’ a couple of years ago. Where the hell are they now anyway?

Apropos of that, Christmas is doing my head right in. Haven’t felt moved by the Christmas spirit for a few years now, in fact, since my childerbeast were old enough to start flicking through the Argos catalogue with a selection of highlighter pens to make a key chart of items desired in colour-coded order of preference on a scale of Highly Desired (but no f*cking chance) to I just saw this on a TV ad & don’t know what it is but I want one anyway because someone at school said it was cool.

A has been carrying on like a Diva again, particularly at mealtimes if she is presented with something other than her two main food groups of either Pasta or Noodles. Too much backchat, Lip and all round Madamness for my liking, with the consequence that when I heard about Portable North Pole messages from Santa online, I signed up straight away and this is what she got: – Bit cruel Iknow but, she laughed (albeit somewhat nervously) and has made a vow to try and turn it around before the 25th!


Click here to watch it:

It’s my birthday on Winter Solstice Day and frankly I feel more in common with the weathered and ancient rocks of Stonehenge than of anything else right now. Craggy Times! Don’t mind getting a prezzy or 2 but otherwise could happily let another birthday slip by without ceremony. No eagerness to draw attention to fact that I am another year old and still none the bloody wiser Ta very much. Will I ever grow up? Will I ever learn? Will I ever change? Am I always going to be so crap? So naïve? So guillible and such a doofus? Is the penny ever going to drop that it’s not Them, it’s Me, and I am actually a self-centred, useless, selfish, deluded, lazy-arsed, unpleasant, 2-faced, scatterbrained sourpuss numb-nut?

We shall see.
Ask me next Monday.


PS: On the plus side – everyone survived the whole school trip on Friday to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the movies. Good Times.




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