Hangovers & Busy Weeks


Name that Tune: “Well I was wandering along by the banks of the river when seven fat cows came up out of the Nile” – The Song of the King (from Joseph)

Movie Quote of the Day: “You DARE to raise your voice to me? Men can die for this!” Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

After my last blog-post I calmed down a bit once my boozing buds arrived on Saturday night, armed with a box of spirits and very few mixers that showed that these gals meant business when it came to my rash suggestion of them “popping round for a couple of cocktails”. No prisoners were being taken and after an opening gambit of Frambios Royales, followed by G&T’s then Baileys Comets and some concoction involving Chambourd & Cava and possibly blackcurrant Absolute (I forget – funnily enough) they left at about 2:30am and I have no further recollection of being alive until being awoken by the childerbeast and reminded at fuck-off o’ clock that we were going into Leeds to the Pantomime.

Oh No We’re Not!

Oh Yes we are!

I got up. Barfed big time. Made the usual insincere vow to never drink again and off we shambled – missing the bus by microseconds… Little A fell up the stairs on the bus when we finally got on one, so spent the journey wailing & sobbing on my knee as I half heartedly mopped the blood from her face with the only thing I had on me that would suffice – a leather glove, as the good citizens of West Yorkshire looked unhelpfully on from their adjacent bus seats without offering so much as a used tissue to help.

I survived the panto by sheer willpower and a half pint of coke at the bar in the interval, daydreaming throughout about getting home and into my bed. The childerbeast enjoyed it immensely though, so that’s the main thing.


This week has been School Christmas Production week and, after this week, the next person who says to me; “Working in a school? 9am to 3pm eh? What a doss!! will immediately be kicked to the ground and fatally jabbed in the windpipe with a blue marking pen!

I have mostly this week been assisting in attempting to wrestle unruly unco-operative, behaviourally challenged children inside from the playground, or removing them from the classroom. We have also rehearsed those frigging Joseph songs for the zillionth time. I’ve watched A’s production “Tinsel the Christmas Fairy” twice; Took the childerbeast to see Joseph last night and tried to not get cross at ignorant parents who took mobile calls in the middle of the show, chatted freely amongst themselves or let their under 4’s run amok amongst the seats. Today I’ve also been trying to simultaneously video and prompt stand-in narrators for R’s production and cover for the class teacher during a French lesson this morning:-

Bonjour tout la classe

Quelle est ta couleur préférée?

Ecoutez et repetez, s’il vous plait

The shows were great. In fact Nursery/Reception’s was fantastic. They were all so professional and of course adorable. The lead squirrel was deserving of a BAFTA, but then of course I am a bit biased on that score (even if she has been behaving like Mariah Carey again lately).

It had the usual amusements such as kid in bright red knickers that showed through the costume, a baby Jesus held by one leg and a donkey that refused to walk on the cotton wool “snow” so had to be given specialist training before the big opening performance.

R’s show very nearly didn’t happen at all when 2 main narrators fell sick and then their stand-in’s also went home ill! My fabulous RhoBear (already narrating) was hastily roped in to read more and practically read the whole story (well OK so there were 2 other kids reading a tidgy few lines and yes, they did well – but naturally I was just focused on The Bear).

She (like I always was at school) was just miffed that she didn’t get to dress up as an Angel. Without those Narrators though, no bugger would know what was happening, it’s a very important role! 🙂

Tomorrow is the whole school trip to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ in 3D at the local cinema. KS2 classes have to walk and I have to say I am not looking forward to it. It’s not far, I’m not being lazy, it’s just that I still get cold sweats thinking about the Harvest Walk and that was just around Tyersal, never mind a crocodile train of near on 150 kids on a mile and half walk along a very busy road! High Vis vests & hip flasks of medicinals ahoy!



One Response to “Hangovers & Busy Weeks”

  1. Michael Says:

    Ecoutez et repetez? Are they still doing that? Or should I say 'plus la meme chose?'

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