Elvis & Idiot Felines


Name that Tune: “So stay there, and while our blood’s still young, It’s so young, it runs, and won’t stop til it’s over” – Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap

Movie Quote of the Day: “Yes I am a fool. And thank God for it!” – Women in Love

Two Breakfast Clubs this week and not so much as a whiff of Molly Ringwald or Emilo Estevez. Just the tangy twang of Morries own Back to Basics Lemon Curd & Happy Shopper crumpets… hurrah for 2 hours overtime.

My favourite child question of the week has to be this from a Y2 pupil:-

“Miss, Is it true that Elvis died on the toilet?”

“Why yes I believe so…”

“Was he having a poo or a wee at the time Miss?”

Am not sure where this question came from, apropos of nothing, during a handwriting lesson, unless the word KING on the whiteboard triggered something but it did make me smile on a Friday afternoon.

Faux Pas of the week was my forgetting about the major bird and feather phobia of a fellow TA and asking; “are these any good for the KS1 nativity?” whilst whipping out an adult sized pair of feathered white wings from my bag and sending her cringing across the room á la Les & his fear of chives on ‘Vic Reeves Big Night Out’ and begging me to put them away as I spread them out to full wingspan, wondering why she looked so terrified. Soooo sorry AB. I forgot!

Took the childerbeast to see the Flowers & Dreams dance recital from their old dance school last night so they could see their friends and ponder what might have been if they had stayed on with their lessons. 2 girls from my class were also in it so it was lovely to see them. The littlies were ϋber cute in their frilly dresses doing nothing more than bouncing up and down and clapping side to side. There was the usual mismatch of dancing partners and oversized girls in unflattering costumes with the odd couple of shining lights making it worth the £10 seat price. I enjoyed the second half with the older girls as at least some of them could dance and they can always be counted upon to funk it up a notch whereas the younger stuff in Act One is all a bit twee (unless of course it’s your own child in it and then it is totally adorable).

Pepper the retardo kitten jumped down the loo the other morning just as Bman was peeing in it (which was nice!) and today she has eaten half a loaf of partly defrosted bread, which we found stashed behind the sofa where she had dragged it. At least she has now been spayed so at least the dumbness will not be repeated in another generation.

Rumour has it that I might get a pass out tomorrow for some child-free retail therapy. Whoop woo!


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