Country times & the rest


Name that Tune: “Directionless no more. Emptiness no more” – A snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss) – Glasvegas

Movie Quote of the Day:
“That’s not a knife. This… is a knife!” Crocodile Dundee

Spent last weekend going wild in the country at G&F’s. Lots of walking, although not perhaps as much as we would have liked. We were thwarted by the weather on Saturday afternoon when our plan had been to drive up to the Lion on Blakey Ridge then walk back. Instead we drove there and drove back with a slight detour to Co-Op in Castleton the way for further booze and crisp supplies. Me, G & the kids had managed a walk in the morning so we at least get our wellies-worth out of the day.
My childerbeast were delighted that we let them walk to the ‘swinging tree’ on their own. Such is the beauty of being out in the middle of nowhere with no roads to worry about. We caught them up after only 10 minutes just to make sure they hadn’t gone on some crazy Bear Grylls outdoor pursuit into the woods and they were gutted when the mummies turned up, begging to be left alone again and play at being ‘big girls’ playing out alone.

Much of the same the following day and this time we came across a group of 4×4 drivers stuck in the mud and having a gay old time with ropes and winches and happily spraying mud everywhere and churning up good grazing land whilst bemoaning loudly the lack of maintenance of Green Roads by the local council.
“We google-earthed this route and it’s meant to be a green road”. G tried to put them off their attempt at ploughing across the fields for fear of them actually making it out and thus passing on the news to fellow Landrover enthusiasts that a new track had been accessed, opening the floodgates for noisy Sundays ever after!
Lord knows what they made of us lot. Me, Bman, G and 5 kids, all of us in dodgy hats and me with a small black kitten peeking out of my coat (don’t ask).

We left them to it, without offering to help, and trudged onward across the fields, traversing becks and styles along the way.

When we were on the home straight the Landrover posse caught us up and smugly overtook us, their ringleader sticking his head out of the window saying; “See. It didn’t take us that long.” To which he got the tart reply; “Well, we still beat you on foot mate with 5 small children and a cat!”. We let them overtake us, secure in the knowledge that within 10 minutes we would catch them up again when they got to the end of the line at G&F’s house, to be trapped by theirs & Bmans cars.
Sure enough, a few minutes later there they were, Landy’s all in convoy while they all stood around at the front of the traffic jam looking at our haphazardly parked vehicles (and why would they not be? It was G&F’s house and land after all) and having a conflab about how to get around them.

The driver of the rear vehicle came back down the track looking sheepish and then it seemed the realization dawned and he asked if the cars were ours.

“Maybe” and a sly grin was all he got as we walked past the line of trucks and nonchalantly strolled down the path and through the gate & into the house. G asked F, who had not joined us on the walk, to go out and move the car but to at least finish his cuppa first.

Bman did ask if they wanted him to move the car when it seemed as though they were not actually going to knock & ask themselves but instead were planning to drive around them up the hill at a precarious angle with every chance that they would overturn onto our cars.



Have had an interesting week at work.
Had to take a knife from a child after a bit of a tussle on Monday at hometime which is not good news in a Primary school. I very much doubt that anyone was ever in any actual danger, although of course by Parents Evening on Thursday it had been a tad embellished in the re-telling via the school gate jungle drums.
Machetes? AK47’s, Grenade wielding madmen etc etc.
On Thursday I was on crispy bun making detail for the next day’s ‘Children in Need’ festivities. I managed to incorporate some numeracy into the exercise by getting the little darlings to arrange their buncases into Arrays on the baking sheets & making with the: “So if there are 20 buns and 5 of you, how many buns could you have each and how much would that cost you if the buns are to be 10pence each?” Pity I couldn’t have done that lesson when I was being assessed for my qualification or when bloody Ofsted were in!

I made a point of avoiding any of the buns on sale on Friday though, as despite the initial handwashing there was still a high probability of finding nasal secretions or hairs in amongst the Rice Krispies and sprinkles…

Am presently listening to some festive songs by old time crooners as I write this, in an attempt to get the songs from Joseph out of my head. As I have been nodding off of a night the last thing that goes through my mind is the sound of; “Potipher was cool and sooo fine” and I’m waking up to; “It takes a man who knows no fear to wrestle with a goat” and it’s only going to get worse as the rehearsals intensify over the next 2 weeks. Arghhhhh!
My own childerbeast are practicing their own songs too. R is Narrator #1 in her play and A is Sandy the Squirrel in her production. Bless.

Excellent parents’ evenings for them both so I’m happy with that and just hope it lasts.

Have been to town today in the dismal weather on a mission to get a throw large enough to chuck over the couch, but failed miserably. Think I may have to check out our old friend Mr Ebay. A managed to get locked in the loo in Boyes and we had a slight panic as it was a full length door, not one I could shimmy over or under, but we eventually managed to get her out without having to resort to the fire brigade smashing it down with an axe!

I’m nackered now and ever so slightly high from Cillit Bang fumes emanating from the freshly cleaned office radiator now that it is on full whack!

Good times on a Saturday night.





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