Disco Fever


Name that Tune: “Tune up the music let’s get out on the floor” – Evacuate the Dancefloor, Cascada

Movie Quote of the Day: “You are an embarrassment to nature do you know that?” – Ice Age

My resolve of not drinking through the week & trying not to eat after 8pm is doing very well, providing I stay upstairs away from the kitchen and temptation. Temptation in the form of Pear Gaymers in the fridge and a tin of Quailty Street and a tin of Roses tied up in a plazzy bag on top of the kitchen units and only accessible via precarious balancing act on a breakfast bar stool.

Damn Asda & their 2 for £7 offer on tins of chocolates! No wonder I’ve got hips & thighs like the frigging Thames Barrier. Yes I know I didn’t HAVE to make the purchase but what can you do? There must be some kind of byelaw against passing up such a ludicrously tempting offer.

My resolve may well be tested to the limit vis a vis the no alcohol through the week thing tomorrow though due to it being School Disco Day.

From 1515hrs onward in sessions of Nursery then Reception classes, followed by Years 1, 2 & 3, the 4, 5 & 6 I shall be on duty as one of The Disco Police and, I have been reliably informed by a colleague, that I should expect to be bombarded with ‘the Crazy Frog song’, ‘Can We Fix it’ & the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ on more or less a continuous loop. My initial fears at having my lack of knowledge of the current Top 40 exposed to the school entire now seemingly unfounded but… at what cost?
I think I would rather suffer the ridicule of not knowing my Kanye from my Dizzy or my Ting Tings from my Black Eyed Peas rather than have to listen to the usual kid’s party staples of Bob the bloody Builder, the Wheels on the flaming Bus and (God help us) the Hokey friggin Cokey.

It’s a Neon Theme aswell… what am I letting myself in for?
What are my own childerbeast letting themselves in for?
School Disco – Yay!
Mum there in capacity of member of staff – Boo!

I expect they won’t be too bothered but I should imagine that by the time they reach Year 6 they might have something to say about it. I could really go to town with the embarrassment factor then, perhaps even sporting a HiVis vest and blowing a whistle if I spot any dress code violations or inappropriate dancing.

Notes to Self:
Lumo Primani legwarmers – Check
Hot pink cheap Primani hairclip – Check
Leftover Halloween glowstick bangles – Check
MP3 player loaded with faves, spare batteries & headphones – Check
Emergency “medicinal” hipflask, contents unspecified – Check
Right. I better go and practice the old Cha Cha Slide & maybe even the Funky Gibbon just for good measure.

Wish me luck.


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