Thief of Time


Name that Tune: “And if you could have said it all I know you would have said it all” Reign, Ian Brown

Movie Quote of the Day: “
Whatever his past actions, whatever his present position, you can be sure that he *did* love you” – Sense & Sensibility

“Procrastination is the thief of time”
Edward Young,‘Night Thoughts’ in 1742.

Facebook & it’s narcotic familiars, Farmville & Yoville are the thieves of time”
Me in 2009!

How many hours there must have been in a day before the invention of social networking sites. Or as I like to think of them, voyeuristic time-burgling open forums to pry and rashly ‘poke’ erroneous long-gone friends, relatives & ex-loves, or just randomly comment on the wedding photos of a friend of a friend’s mother’s cousin’s step-sister, whose photo albums you can inexplicably see because they haven’t had the forethought to adjust their privacy settings.

Note to self: Get off the computer, do some bloody housework then get on your LTT machine, you slovenly fat cow! 🙂

I have put a stop to my children “helping Daddy on Yoville” because if they are left to their own devices, at best they will sell all his cyber-belongings for cyber magic beans & he’ll get mad, or at worst they could come into contact with goodness knows who, who thinks they are playing the game with a 37 year old man, then christ knows what their little cyber Mii/Avatars could be saying.

The Internet: Friend or foe. Discuss…

Life was harder for the wierdos and paedos when they had to be long distance truckers or travelling fair gypos to gain access to the innocents. These days they can get a laptop from Currys for under £300 and be Wifi & bluetoothed & ready to download all-sorts or photoshop holiday snaps of YOUR kids they’ve found on Flickr & circulate them to a Global network of sick likeminded paedopals within the hour.

Most definitely NOT a plus point of the Information Superhighway.

I’ve been on a Child Protection course today. Can you tell?
It made for a grim morning’s work let me tell you. I felt the tears pricking a few times during the course of the morning. I came home this afternoon and spent a lot more time than usual with my own childerbeast. We made gingerbread men and I even let them lick the icing bowl, such was the need I had to reassure myself that I wasn’t the kind of unfit parent who stubs cigarettes out on her kids or leaves nits untreated for so long that the children suffer septicemia from an infected scalp.*

On that thought-provoking note I must leave you, as the siren call of Farmville and the need to milk my cyber-herds & plow my cyber-fields is too addictive to ignore any longer.

* you’re thinking about scratching your head now aren’t you? Feign to deny it…


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