Samhain 2009


Name that Tune: “Round that corner, man hiding in the trash can, something’s waiting no to pounce, and how you’ll…scream!” – This is Halloween, Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Movie Quote of the Day: “Don’t you know what happens on Halloween? / Yeah, we get candies / Boogeyman, boogeyman, boogeyman!” – Halloween

Calmer now from my pervious rant. Bman returned eventually armed with a new office chair and rather randomly, a token of affection in the shape of an inflatable toxic waste bin drinks cooler. Presumably bought on the cheap from the now reduced Halloween novelties in Asda and which made a rather fitting a tribute to our tempestuous relationship.

What I really should have been blogging about was of course, Halloween weekend and our trip to Chester.

Thursday was Mum’s 60th so me and the childerbeast went to Chester for the gift presentation and a big family style Chinese meal at home, ordered from the Slow Boat. It was magnificent and, amazingly, as I waited for the childerbeast to start bailing and make with the; “I only like prawn crackers and plain noodles” whining, they astounded us by having a try of different things and having seconds of the Lobster and the Crispy Duck! Wonders will never cease!

I got a late pass-out to the pub with Boywonder and M&D and the other usual Waverton suspects (Thanks to my sister who selflessly volunteered to babysit so I could stay out later than 10:30pm). I wasn’t feeling so thankful in the morning when I awoke feeling like a seagull had died in my brain during the night but hey ho. Such is wine…

We then all went to town for a fabulous lunch at Francs – somewhere I would highly recommend for a meal anytime of the day. The childerbeast even played ball there and sat quietly and sensibly, albeit assisted by the colouring in packs given to them by the waiter.
Bman arrived later that afternoon and after FiChi tea we headed up to Cotton Abbots for Ed’s Halloween Scare Trail with me and the childerbeast in full costume as Cruella de Ville and 2 dalmatian pups, for which we were greatly complimented.

The Trail consisted of walking around a path in the woods lit by flaming torches with spooky music and sound effects booming out from a speaker system while being leapt out at or grabbed about the arm or ankle by random farm workers or Ed’s sons in scary fancy dress from behind the bushes or hanging from trees. The kid’s were beside themselves with fear and bubbled and screamed the whole way round despite us having prepped them that it was all just a make-believe and a bit of fun.

It was pretty scary though to be fair. They wouldn’t go round again put it that way.

Us dumbass adults did though, and left them with my mum sitting round the bonfire while we let ourselves in for more shrieks. I think it helped the kids calm down when, at the end of the night all the scarers came out of the bushes, took off their masks and had a beer and a pack of crisps and took the weight off their feet.

Saturday, we headed home after lunch to get ready for our own Halloween shenanigans. This time I was a Witch and Bman took ages getting ready as a Radioactive Punk & then spent 5 minutes washing the glow in the dark make-up off his face because it was making him itch. My sis and JC & my Bro all got zombied-up and in true zombie style were zonked out shortly after midnight once ‘Most Haunted Live’ had finished (it was rubbish, I’m not surprised they fell asleep)

Good Times.

Back to school today but not looking forward to tomorrow at 4pm when I have to go to the dentist for a crown fitting. I don’t know what’s going to pain me the most – the actual procedure or the 200 sheets it’s going to cost me. Can I not just make do with this temporary filling and then patch it with bluetak if it ever starts to come loose?

Wish me luck…


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