Pills & Prezzies


Name that Tune: “I just wanna get high like you, and I don’t give a damn if they’re white or blue” – Purple Pills, D-12

Movie Quote of the Day: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes” – The Matrix

Caught A rootling about in her coat pocket on Thursday evening for something she “found in the cloakroom at school”. From my vantage point on the top stair as I was heading to the loo I saw that she had a small yellow tablet in her hand and was about to scoff it. Flying down the stairs 5 at a time, trousers flapping (as I had already unbuttoned on the way up for a wee), I snatched it from her fingers asking (Okay… yelling…) “what the heck are you doing??” I gave the offending booty a cursory sniff and lick and, being unsure, snapped in half and made like Alice in Wonderland and went for it.

My palette on such matters of prescription and non-prescription drugs is limited but I was pretty sure it was from the Swizzles-Matlow school of confectionery so panic over and tragedy averted. Unless of course it had been something altogether more sinister and as Bman said “We’ll know if it’s owt dodgy if your Mother comes back from Morries in an hour with a big bunch of balloons, skipping and singing and hugging passing strangers”. A suffered a lecture on the perils of a) eating things off the floor and b) the dangers of medicines sometimes looking like sweeties. She was distraught at losing out on her furtively secreted sweety treasure so I made up for it by letting her have a whole pack of Pez in her Shrek dispenser before tea.

Childerbeast eh? You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head I tell you.

The unofficial word on the school from OFSTED seems to be Satisfactory with elements of Good, which on the old scale would have been Good, and considering at last inspection we were also Satisfactory (but on the old scale) this means that although we are still Satisfactory, we are better than last time. Am I making any sense?? Smiley faces all round in the staffroom and celebratory buns and biccies with our mid-morning cuppas. Good times!

Half term is nigh and of course it has thrown it down with rain and been wild and windy for the last 48 hours. Typical! Have been out today en famille and done a bit of discreet Christmas toy shopping and some not so discreet Christmas clothes shopping.

R – as ever the voice of sense said; “It’s best if we choose our clothes Mummy as Santa might get the sizes wrong or not know what things we like to wear”. Indeed Mummy mighteven have got it wrong if she had been left to purchase on her own as some of the party clothes I thought they would love just got the turned-up nose treatment and “I’m not wearing THAT!”.
They are 4 and 6 for fecks sake. I thought I’d get a couple more years of frills and ribbons out of them before I had to buy dodgy drainpipe jeans and ‘trendy’ spangly tops. Don’t you hate that word, ‘Trendy’?

To be fair, A still likes twirly frilly type dresses and skirts so her Christmas Day outfit will look quite girly bridesmaid-ish but the one R went for was some shocking pink sequined mini-shift that wouldn’t look out of place on Fearne Cotton while she interviews……… ((tries to think of some hip and happening popstrel of the moment and fails dismally)).

They grow up so fast. How long will it be before I have to drop the Santa charade and can legally threaten them with no Christmas presents if they don’t toe the line? They are still at that stage where if this gets threatened they can say (quite justifiably in their minds); “Well it’s not up to you. It’s up to Father Christmas”.

Forgot all about the clocks going back last night. Didn’t realise until about 6pm this evening, shows how much I need a watch on a Sunday eh? Good job I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere or meet anyone really. What a dullard! Haha



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