What, No Molly Ringwald?


Name that Tune: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me!” – Somebody’s Watching Me, Rockwell

Movie Quote of the Day:
“We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all” – The Breakfast Club


When did it become acceptable for children to backchat their teacher one minute and the next, turn around and hug them with the enthusiasm of long lost relatives at an Airport arrivals lounge?

We didn’t hug teaching staff in my day. Blimey! I still cringe at the memory of the time I absent mindedly called my Y2 teacher ‘Mum’ by mistake. Huggy children? Other peoples’ children? What’s that all about? I didn’t hug anyone other than my parents or siblings until I was 20 and I had to take recreational drugs to get in the mood then! Involuntarily throwing my arms around my Headteacher at 7 years old? No way!


So I get rid of one Assessor and finally get signed off and licensed to Support Teach and therefore officially impart wisdom and knowledge of the most important kind to our flowering Youth, (i.e the difference between There, They’re, Their, Where, We’re, Wear, Your and You’re) But… before I can relax into my new qualification, OFSTED turn up!
No total disasters so far, although one child had to be wrestled into school during playtime through the fire doors after starting a fight and then this morning 15 minutes before a second impromptu class inspection another child had to be restrained after kicking-off on before registration had even started!

The jury is still out on our grade yet but as soon as I know I will pass it on!

Have been in early this morning to cover for someone who usually runs the Breakfast Club. My kids couldn’t wait to get out of bed and woke me up way before the crack of anybody’s dawn full of excitement about going to School’s Breakfast Club “You can get toast & everything mummy!”. Toast! They can have bloody toast anytime they like here without having to get up before the birds for it! Anyway I had volunteered so it was my own doing. Stood in a fetching vinyl pinny at 0805 doling out toast and jam and bowls of cornflakes to the children whose parents have to leave for work early, so drop them off at school at 8am for a £1 a day. None of them got my in-jokes about the whereabouts of Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson or Emilio Estevez but then, they wouldn’t would they? When was ‘The Breakfast Club’ movie made? 1985? Even the Year 6’s weren’t born until about 13 years after that. Man I feel old! Oil of Ulay anyone? (showing my age there for a start as it’s been called Oil of ‘Olay’ for about 12 years!).

So on that note…

Boing! Time for Bed.’

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