Getting on


Name that Tune: “Now he’s gone, I don’t know why and til this day sometimes I cry” – Bang Bang, Audio Bullies

Movie Quote of the Day: “You have to put the past behind you before you can move on” – Forrest Gump

How long is it since I last blogged? It feels like forever. Probably been less than a week though. Why does it feel like longer?

My assessment went well and am now all signed off, although, on saying that, my Assessor wrote ‘COMPLETED’ across my file in massive letters but then emailed me a load of guff later on for me to fill in, complete and write up & send back to her. I am not writing another thing! Just want to get it all in the mail to her and wait for my certificate to come and then I will be able to relax properly. I though she would never leave on Thursday! 12:30 she arrived and was still lingering at almost 3pm!

Good job she isn’t coming next week because we had The Phonecall on Friday giving us a heads up that OFSTED are coming on Tuesday & Wednesday. Cue much hyperactivity amongst the management team and frantic checking of files, classrooms and displays and a hasty cancellation of Parent’s Evening which had been scheduled for the same 2 days! I have been in yesterday morning and today to put some displays up and generally help get everything shipshape. Sad, but I quite enjoyed it (and it got me out of the house on a weekend away from nagging childerbeast).

Started a bit of a detox today. Well. OK so not a detox per se. More of a concerted effort to eat less junk and drink more water. Have fallen into a rut of not being bothered that I look fecking terrible and have no energy because I am full of starches and fats and no actual nutrition. R had a children’s vitamin the other morning and said; “I can feel the health pouring into my arms”.

If only it were that simple.

Must start using the Wii Fitness thingumy again and my LTT and shape myself up.

A was Star of the Week from her class at school last week. Very proud was I as I saw her sat on the Star of the Week chair at the front of hall (even though she did have her legs akimbo and her knickers on display).

Right, time for yet another glass of water and then I think an early night.


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