Shades of blue


Name that Tune: “How long is forever?” – Nothing lasts forever, Ultracynic

Movie Quote of the Day:
“There can be no true beauty without decay” Withnail & I

Mean red. Deep purple, blue meanie times have been in full effect the last week or so. Just me having one of my mini bi-polaresque episodes. Nothing to worry about, I’m not going to do a Stacey Slater & start accusing neighbours of being out to get me or anything. I just suffered last week and all weekend from a cold and PMT at the same time which is never a good recipe for a harmonious household. Am feeling much better today. Nothing a piece of cake, a glass of nice wine and a good night’s kip won’t solve.

Lucky for me I now have school to focus on and am out of the dullsville of office ennui. Gems of past week have been, when asking in an R.E Lesson, who it was who was the leader of Egypt whom Moses went to speak to about freeing the Israelites: obviously the answer was… Winston Churchill. In Numeracy, when asking a group to estimate my height whilst in my high heeled boots I was quite pleasingly told: “6ft or 2metres Miss” When asking how tall they thought I might be if I removed my boots, I was less than impressed with the reply of “Hmmm I reckon about 1ft 7 Miss”. I know I am shrinking but I’m not quite in Yoda territory just yet.

My own gaffe was during a debate to discuss whether it is right for African farmers to shoot lions. I was on the Pro Lion Team and announced when it came to our right to reply that we were debating the Naturists point of view (rather than the Naturalists). My class teacher managed to keep it together and not focus too much on the alarming vision she was probably having of me and half the class skipping gaily across the Serengeti in the altogether whilst hungry lions eyed us up from the undergrowth! I am sure I shall never live that one down.

Am hopefully getting signed off on Thursday which will mean an end to the mass of paperwork and files cluttering up my house and my brain and my bags and my life. Watch this space for that one as the Assessor wants to observe a PSHCE Circle Time, which will hopefully go a lot more smoothly than last weeks when the entire class seemed to just bugger about for the duration.

Bman has just come back from collecting the car from the garage so I dread to think how much he has had to whack onto his credit card to pay for whatever it was that needed doing, but no doubt I will hear all about it from now until Christmas! *

Financial joytimes.

* £376!!!!!

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