Rations & Dates


Name that Tune: “I sit, and I smile, and I say “well done” – Girl least likely to. – Morrissey

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Yo Johnny. See you in the next life!” – Point Break

This week in school we had a lesson judging and tasting some popular recipes from WW2, including Potato Drop Fruit Scones (rather nice), Mock Cream (surprisingly tasty), Carrot cookies (mixed reviews), Vinegar Cake (nowhere near as dreadful as it sounds) and Carrot Fudge (steer well clear of this one folks!).
Getting the children to complete a questionnaire on how the dish looked and how they thought it tasted, I think my favourite was that the Potato Drop Fruit scones “look like piss”. Thankfully, after further questioning it was apparent that the child meant; “it looks like a piece of pizza”, which it didn’t in any way, other than the piece in question was slightly triangular in shape.

My favourite justification of behaviour of the week came from a child who I had to speak to after allegedly punching a fellow classmate on the arm, and being told:-

“No I didn’t, I just called her a big lesbo then shoved her out the way”

Ahhh I see, that’s okay then…


During the week B-man has been on lates so has not been setting off to work until mid afternoon. Having not seen much of each other lately without the children on our cases I suggested a lunchdate when I would come home from school for a civilised cosy luncheon with my beloved. So I trotted home on the day in question, spraying perfume about my person, de-shining my face & applying a smudge of liplights (every gal should own at least one), to be greeted not by the B-man, washed, brushed, & smelling faintly of mouthwash & Joop for Men with my luncheon prepared lovingly on the table, maybe even with a sprig of garden flowers; but instead by a kitchen void of the aroma of a cooked lunch & him upstairs, stuck fast on the PC, playing bloody Yoville on KissmyarseBook!

I’ll heat up my own soup shall I?

It was a shite date, even by my standards, which let’s face it are pretty low.

To me, it’s a good date if (a) he turns up, (b) I don’t need a Visiting Order or (c) he has his own shoes & jacket!

Must try harder.


Word of the week is: – Hendecagon.


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