Keep Smiling


Name that Tune: “Just try and have a little patience, Have a little patience.” Patience, Take That

Movie Quote of the Day:
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming, swim, swim” – Finding Nemo

Fussy fussy bloody childerbeast today!

“Miss miss, he said he’s not my friend any more boo hoo hoo:”
“Well she said she wasn’t going to play with me anymore so I played with someone else and now she says she’s not my friend”.


“Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah right Miss!” or “That table has got more pencils in their pot than us, they must have nicked one, yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah innit, Miss Miss”

“Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss. I’m busting for the loo, please let me go in the middle of a numeracy lesson (because I’m a lollygagging flake of a procrastinating time-waster looking for an excuse to skip 10 minutes of class arsing about in the toilets)”

“Miss I can’t find my pumps (cos I’m too bloody lazy to actually look for them and I’d much rather make a great big whining fuss about it to you rather than actually look in the cloakroom, where I would actually find them in the box where I left them, if I could be bothered, which I can’t so I’ll stand infront of you moaning and fussing for 5 minutes instead).”

Love them all to a man and I wouldn’t be anywhere else, but, because you legally can’t say it to their cute little faces, because we just have to keep smiling through the irritation and help to patch up friendships, move on without getting riled or selectively ignore; via the medium of Blog & the semi-privacy of a loose Nom de Plume I say… (and I say it loud and authoritatively, preferably after blowing a whistle to attract maximum attention) ……

Shut the fuck up and sit the hell down so we can get on with trying to give you an education!!

Thankyou. Now, children, can anyone tell me what the prefix Tri might mean?

R nonchalantly told me this afternoon that she had lost her brand new school fleece. When I asked what she was going to do about that, I got a shrug and a “just get another”…

I am opening a bottle of chilled Chardonnay as I write.
On the upside I did learn today that an 11 sided shape is called a Hendecagon. So, there you go.
Chin chin Xx

One Response to “Keep Smiling”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    mikhial rushkov thinks you'd be an ace teacher – in south park!!

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