Party Envy


Name that Tune: “Na na na na na na na Yeah I wanna start a fight” – So What, Pink

Movie Quote of the Day: “When a woman makes the choice to marry, to have children; in one way her life begins but in another way it stops.” – Bridges of Madison County

As predicted, the teenage houseparty up the street kicked-off into violence & fracas once the partygoers were heavily inebriated on Paraffin & Lime spritzers (or whatever was on offer on the 2-4-1 pisshead special in Morries for the older looking, or those with more liberal parents, and whatever could be purloined from home for the more babyfaced of the bunch.)

At half past midnight I had a Box seat on the windowledge of the office as I watched the fray begin outside. I cursed as my recycling bin was kicked over by a lad who clearly had the one too many, then nodded to myself as it was righted again by his pal who was trying to calm him down & play peacemaker. I liked him and considered inviting him in for a cup of tea & a custard cream by way of a Thank you but figured he was having a turd enough night as it was without some old harridan in her dressing gown and slippers trying to lure him into house with confectionery. Hansel & Gretel anyone?
I had Patsy Stone moment as a buff young dude with his shirt off sprinted down the street to join in the drama (Ooooh young man!). Topless Bare knuckle fighting right outside a girl’s window as she watches with both a mix of amusement, concern & appreciation (just the right side of decency) of the half- naked tightly toned male form. Now, THAT is a Saturday night right there!

The Babylon stopped play just as it was getting interesting (something about a “Big nosed bastard” and threats to “kick a girl’s head in”. A couple of the protagonists were carted off by Officer Dibble in a van, while the rest of the mob either drifted off or went back inside. Show over. So myself and the rest of my neighbours tweaked our curtains back on and returned to our beds, smug in the knowledge that we were not going to feel as rough as some in the morning, chuntering things about being glad all that teenage angst & drama was way behind us but possibly harbouring ever so slight twinges of jealousy that we hadn’t been a part of it.

This morning a van pulled out outside and lad, I recognized from last night, jumped out, ran across the road and retrieved something from a builder’s skip across the road. Whatever it was had been small enough to stash straight in his pocket yet clearly of potential interest to the police for him to have hidden it in the first place. I can’t imagine what it might have been. 😉

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