Weekend Schmeekend


Name that Tune: “Songs of desperation, I played them for you, a moment, a love, a dream, aloud, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs, a moment, a love.” – Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap

Movie Quote of the Day:
“I think it unwise for you linger over these dreams. I think it wise that you simply cast them away.” – Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.

Feeling a bit like an old duffer today. Have just re-visited my blog entry for last weekend and thus far, this chilly Autumn Friday evening, I feel no different about this weekend then I did last… On the plus side, I’ve got the school caretaker coming round tomorrow to board out the loft & put in a retractable ladder. Whoop Whoop. P A R T A Y! not exactly the rave of the century but likely to be the most exciting thing that happens until it’s time to blow out the candles on A’s little pal’s 5th birthday cake at his party up at the S&D Club on Sunday. Yeehaw! I might even iron my trackydaks & blowdry my hair for the occasion.

These self pitying woe is me, I have no social life thoughts, are not helped by having lent some resources to the Y5 teacher at school for use in her Volcano topic. Photographs from our hike over the Tongoriro Crossing in New Zealand & Mt’s Ngauruhoe & Ruapheu (used as Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings) and of our Honeymoon trip to Pompeii. The wanderlust of my life B.M.B.C. (before mortgage before children) contained in a brown envelope of snapshots of me beaming triumphantly atop a volcanic mountain range and a lump of purloined pumice & rock, in all likelihood blown from the very bowels of Vesuvius herself in the big blast of 79AD. It did not both bother me that Y5 might laugh at the picture of me in the yellow anorak & leggings, arms outstretched & unwashed backpacker hair scraped into pigtails, as I thought it highly unlikely that they would make the connection that it was me. I hardly recognized myself, so they weren’t likely to.

3 glasses of red & the evening’s entertainment of watching 2 dozen pissed up teenagers being slung out of a houseparty 4 doors up the street & squabbling amongst themselves in the road as they swig from bottles of whatever it is the under-age are drinking these days – alcoholic cherryade or similar, has not helped matters. I barely had time to register the increase in noise level outside & take note of the staggering bodies, the liberal use of profanity, the micro miniskirted teetering heeled over-made-up girls & swaggering, sportswear clad males shambling about in the neighbourhood gardens before I had the phone in my hand and was about to dial 999.

Just run that by me once more. “I had the phone in my hand and was about to dial 999.”

Calling the Dibble on a houseparty? Who the hell am I? Mary Whitehouse? Victor Meldrew? Norris Cole?

I should have been out there showing them how to skull a Watermelon Breezer without smudging their lipgloss & pouring tequilas for everyone from a bandolier around my waist, not tweaking the Venetians in my lounge with a face like a bulldog sucking a lemon & cursing the kerfuffle at this late hour (2130hrs, almost time for my bed even on a Friday).

Christ! I should write myself off & just buy a large heated slipper, tartan rug & a sherry decanter & settle myself down infront of Pebble Mill (showing my age there for a start!) and await the sweet release of euthanasia.


Moving swiftly on….

My Assessor came to school on Thursday to observe a literacy lesson, which went very well indeed, despite being almost thwarted by technological failure on the laptop & Smartboard & a deliberate attempt to topple my professional composure by my colleague. During the class discussion comparing settings in the movie, ‘Toy Story’, she commented innocently, while grinning straight at me that; “Yes children, I am sure Andy has lots of fun up in his room playing with his Woody”.

You will be glad to know that I passed the test & remained pokerfaced.

Should be signed off & completed by half-term, which will be great, but I shall keep you informed on that. Assessor is coming again on the 15th October, so only 2 or 3 weeks away till possible accreditation. On my way to being the oldest T.A in town, I’ll be like Moleman from ‘The Simpsons’, well into my 70’s, shriveled & wrinkly & still putting up displays & frightening the young ‘uns.

Bring it on.

Went into Alpha today after school, to show them some spreadsheet or other that they had forgotten how to do. I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank you and a goodbye…….Which was nice. A very kind thing to do.


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