Busy weekends, Busy week


Name that Tune: “I am the raindrop out at sea, I cause the ripples that become the crashing rain” – Reign, Ian Brown

Movie Quote of the Day: “Most parents believe their children are the most beautiful creatures ever to grace the planet. Others take a less emotional approach” – Matilda

Watched the TV documentary of various footage from peoples mobiles & camcorders of NY on September 11th 2001 the other night.

“102 Minutes that changed America”.

It was probably the most terrifying thing I have seen on TV since it actually happened! I also watched a programme of the phonecalls that people trapped made to loved ones or emergency services at the time. That was quite heart wrenching. If I had been stuck and had phoned Bman I reckon we would have spent 5 minutes bickering. The call would have sounded something like this:

“What do you mean your stuck? Don’t talk daft woman. I suppose it’s my fault is it? What do you want me to do about it anyway? I’m flaming well miles away. I bet I would be able to get out if it was me”.

I love my husband, don’t get me wrong. We just don’t really do speaking on the telephone in a lovey-dovey fashion. In fact we don’t speak lovey-dovey under any circumstances. We are not lovey-dovey and haven’t been since Hmmm like maybe for the first couple of lust fuelled weeks all those many, many years ago.

(Note to self: do not use the phrase lovey-dovey ever again. It looks worse written down than it does to hear).

I digress.

9/11. Bad times indeed. 8 years ago. So why did the buildings fall down? Surely some monumental architectural omission? Not that people factor into their architectural designs the probability of a jet deliberately smashing into the building but…crikey you wouldn’t expect the entire lot to just implode in on itself!

Back in 1999 me & Bman went up one of them on a trip to NY, I forget which one had the observation deck but I do remember it was fecking high! Scary!

Moving swiftly on from such terrible times.


So much more fun for me the second time around. So far, loving the Class. No-one in there who I particularly want to throttle (yet) and such a lovely team of staff that I thoroughly enjoy going into work & would be devastated if it came to an end.
However I do seem to be turning into one of those members of staff (you will all remember at least one like this) who can spot irregular uniform from 50 paces: – nail polish, heeled shoes, temporary tattoos etc and am also getting known as being a stickler for spelling. Luckily I love the little darlings too much to end up morphing into a total Trunchbull. Hahaha.
I kid myself that I might actually sow the seed of interest or fuel the spark already there in some unformed mind, even if I can just get someone into books who wouldn’t usually bother to pick one up to read.

I have my first observation of the new school year on the 24th of this month. My assessor will need to observe me supporting a Literacy session in the class. No handpicked (supposedly well behaved children) this time to show me up in the Library, doing armpit farts & sliding down the tables on their bellies like performing sealions. This time I hope to be marked on my Literacy Support technique & not Behaviour Control & restraints!

Cherubs & poppets the lot of them…honest.

Spent the weekend being a busy social butterfly. Friday straight from school, me & the childerbeast caught the train to Manchester to my sisters. Had an evening of pleasant company, Mario Karts & DVDs. Saturday morning we were at a 3 year olds birthday party at 11am. By 1:30pm we were at my old housemates’ place in Heaton Moor for a catch up and for the childerbeast to have a playdate with her childerbeast. By 5:30pm we were on the train home with Bman as our surprise conductor. Ta Da! “Tickets & Passes please”.

Sunday we were at Flamingo Land for 11:30am! Good times. We went on the 4D Spongebob Squarepants ride; I went on the Mumbo Jumbo (the Worlds steepest drop rollercoaster). Whiplash times! The childerbeast made me go on the Viking Ship, which I don’t like at all (it’s the swinging action…it just turns my stomach something shocking in my old age). Bman laughed long & hard at my scared face as I screamed like a proper girl on that!

Busy busy indeed.

Bman is away all weekend so we have another kids party on Saturday afternoon which may go on for a while (with alcohol for the grown ups). Otherwise we are homebodies having a chilled one for a change.

Ciao for now x

4 Responses to “Busy weekends, Busy week”

  1. Michael Says:

    If I was stuck in the WTC the phone call would have sounded like this:"So you won't be wanting any dinner tonight then? Oh and I'm going out at six and need the car. Could you throw the keys down?"

  2. Miss Kitka Says:

    LOL, so it's not just me then…As an addendum I may also have got; "if you do get out could you pick up some bread & milk on the way home"

  3. Alex Says:

    you're rather witty kitka

  4. Barton Mill Says:

    No lovey dovey??? Shame! What's life without just a little lovey dovey!!!

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