New Term


Name that Tune: “There’s something about the night, that hides all the things I like” – Mama do (uh oh uh oh), Pixie Lott

Movie Quote of the Day:
“ Now, let’s see what the damage is this year, shall we?” – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”

Back to School this week. Me, yesterday and the childerbeast en mass, today.

I could not suppress a grin when I went in yesterday to check out the new classroom layout & saw the sign on the door; “Year 3 Miss Shaw & Mrs Brewer”.

So far, no one has cried, had a tantrum, lashed out a friend (or me) or tried to escape through the fire door & hide at the bottom of the school field, so a total contrast to last year. We already have a school trip planned for in a couple of weeks time to Thwaites Mill, to tie in with the topic we are doing on WW2 (a quite topical topic to start the new term with it being 70 years ago today that war was declared) and we will be starting some French this term so I am excited about that as it was a favourite subject of mine at school. Let us not forget the absolute flannel I came out with in my GCSE French oral (insert own joke here) when our teacher gave us free licence to say whatever rubbish we liked to answer the examiner’s questions, as long as it was in French! “Tell me about your family Kit”

“Ahh Oui, J’ai une petite soeur appelée Jade et un petit frère appelé Michael qui a un bon nombre des taches de rousseur et de sourire comme le soleil” *

“sourire comme le soleil” ?? Was I on glue? What’s that about? I aced with an A grade though so the flannel clearly worked.

Today was also the day I sent my youngest into proper school, 9am to 3pm for the first time, lunch in school and a playtime over the lunchbreak with the big boys & girls. I didn’t cry or even feel emotional but I guess if I hadn’t actually been in the building all day and able to spy on her at will things may have been different. I remember feeling quite emo when R went into Reception class, and to be fair, A has been in Reception before a few times with me so she knew what to expect. I did fear for her a little when they went out to play after lunch with the playground full of shrieking children. I had forgotten how loud they can all be when there are 250 of them tearing around like loons. I peeked from behind the blinds in the Y3 classroom as their teacher led them outside to show them which bit of the playground to stay in and I saw R hovering, ready to swoop in & take her little sis off to play. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Both kids in fulltime education, I finish work at the same time as them at the same institute as them. Childcare fees are a thing of the past. Whoo Hoo!

We are going to Manchester straight from school tomorrow to spend the night at my sisters then go to a 3 year olds birthday party on Saturday morning in Timperley. Rock on!

In the meantime I have something stuck in the hollow of a top tooth where I am missing a bit of filling (suspect possibly a stray bit of cereal bar shrapnel from teatime). It is driving me insane. I keep sticking my tongue into it to try & dislodge it. I’ve tried brushing my teeth, mouthwas, poking about with a toothpick but to no avail. I hope it has gone by tomorrow or when the parents ask the new Y3’s how their first (short 2 day) week has been they will only be able to focus on the memory of Mrs Brewer gurning at them in class!

PS. I watched DVD last night called ‘The Orphange’, it was subtitled but well worth a look. It’s by the same dude who did ‘Pans Labyrinth’. Quote creepy but I did cry at the end, (although to be fair, I have been known to cry at ‘Deal or No Deal’ and ’60 Minute Makeover’ so that may not be too great a recommendation). Give it a go though, with the lights out & on your own!

*”Ahh yes I have a little sister called Jade and a little brother called Michael who has lots of freckles and a smile like the sunshine.”

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