Withering Nights


Name that Tune: “A kick in the teeth is good for some, a kiss with a fist is better than none” – Kiss with a Fist, Florence & the Machine

Movie Quote of the Day:
“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets” – Titanic

The kitten has scratched me right down my chin, just in time for the new school term on Wednesday. Beautiful.

Not sure that I felt the passion of the wild Yorkshire heather & fells last night between Cathy & Heathcliffe, although I was flicking over to Five during the ad breaks to watch bits of ‘Titanic’ with the lovely Kate & Leo so perhaps if I hadn’t of done that I might of felt the raw power of the legendary dangerous doomed love affair a bit more.

I’ll see how I go with Part 2 tonight before I make full judgement.

Feel a bit like I am losing my marbles today. Bank Holiday cabin fever methinks. A has been sternly spoken to several times the last few days for her cheekiness, backchat & generally ignoring anything you’ve actually said to her. I count the days until her teens when we can just settle matters with a full on catfight & some serious name-calling.

Loafed about yesterday watching ‘Jason & the Argonauts’ with the childerbeast & elucidating (boring?) them with a bit of Greek Mythology. Then today we vegged for 90 minutes with ‘Free Willy 2’. Didn’t go out because it looked as though it was going to be a sunshiney day first thing but it soon clouded over and has rained a fair bit this early evening…

Christ I am discussing the weather. What’s the matter with me? I need a damn good night out that’s what. What an old woman I am turning into. I need to paint the town as red as my barnet. I’m thinking Vegas. I’m thinking complete and total memory loss; accidentally marrying someone “for a laugh”; strippers; Siegfried & Roy; hanging out with bikers; fishbowl marguerites by the dozen; ill-thought out drunken tattoos and the kind of epic mad weekend that would make a weekend on the tiles with Hunter S Thompson & Gonzo look like the flippin Chuckle Brothers opening a village fete.

I can still do that. I’ve still got It. Hardcore! You know the score!

Yeah! Come on!

So………… Free Northern Rail Family Fun Day at Flamingo Land next Sunday it is then eh?




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