Name that Tune: “You’re miiiiiiiiiiine… you’re my favourite waste of time” – Favourite Waste of Time, Owen Paul

Movie Quote of the Day:
“It’s a stupid, stupid, waste of time” – Stand By Me.

Once upon a time I set up this blog as a means to keep me sane in the house as I looked after my two young children who, at the time, were 3 and 1year old respectively. Since then Facebook has come along and sucked the hours from my days and inflated my ass to the size of a small community from sitting on this frigging office chair for huge swaithes of the day. Where once I banged on about making an effort and pumping away on the old LTT, I am now more likely to be found harvesting virtual crops and milking cyber cows on the Farmville application on FaceSchmuck while the LTT gathers dust in the corner of the kitchen or gets used as a handy drying rack for the clothes I cannot peg outside because, Hey guess what? It’s August Bank Holiday Weekend and it’s raining yet AGAIN!

What has happened to me?
I need a Life, a haircut, a facial and emergency liposuction and make it snappy.

(I wonder if there is an application on Facewasteoftime Book that will do this for me?)

Right. That does it. I’m off to do something constructive and do some hula hooping infront of ‘Wuthering Heights’.
Now there’s a story that would never have got off the ground if T’Interweb had been around in Bronte’s time. For a start she would never have written a damn thing cos she would have been too busy playing ‘’Mafia Wars’ with her sisters (in the next room) and even if she had managed to get it written; Cathy & Heathcliffe would have never left the house and just spent their time sending ‘chickens’ & ‘Peach Trees’ to one another instead of rolling about in the heather!

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