Spooky Saturday


Name that Tune: “I aint afraid of no ghosts” – Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jnr.

Movie Quote of the Day: “ He’s stuck, that’s what it is. He’s in between worlds. You know it happens sometimes that the spirit gets yanked out so fast that the essence still feels it has work to do here.” – Ghost.

Things that go bump in the night AKA the new kitten who is proving to be quite the minx. So far I am a picture frame adrift aswell as the aforementioned Nightmare Before Christmas casualties. She also keeps trying to make a break for it whenever we open an outside door so we have to proceed with extreme caution when going to the shed or to empty the bin. Monkey!

Other things that go bump in the night. Namely myself at the Fright Night event at Bolling Hall I attended in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust last night.

Such a clutz!
I got the legendary 508 bus to Asda at Rooley Lane at about 7:30pm. Had a mooch about and stocked up on pro-plus, bananas, cereal bars & Green & Blacks chocolate in order to fuel the soul and keep the old energy levels up for a 9pm to 5am vigil. Headed off on foot down Bowling Back Lane to where I ‘thought’ the Hall (now a museum) was. Realised my sponsor form and cheque book were no longer in my jeans pocket so retraced my steps back up the road to find them strewn across the road. Doh! It then dawns on me that I actually don’t know where I am meant to be going so I asked directions in a corner shop from an Asian dude who had no idea what I was talking about. Luckily a heavily tattooed lady buying Mad Dog 20/20 and 60 Rothmans knew where it was and helpfully sent me on my way. 5 minutes later I am still none the wiser so asked a young girl outside another corner store. She was Polish and didn’t understand me so I was forced to go into the shop, which was crowded with chavs & drunks. At this point I am thinking “Where the Frig am I? and getting slightly nervous about being in the wrong kind of neighbourhood, without a clue, at nearly 9pm on a warm Saturday night.
A woman who looked about 40 but could quite well have only been in her 20’s in a far too tight vest buying cheap Vodka and some Rizla pointed me in the right direction, then came after me asking in a raspy voice;
“Who the hell are you meeting there at this time of night love, hahahahaha”.
I said; “You don’t want to know” and she cackled some more and told me to watch out for the ghosties before weaving off into the night, fag dangling from her lip and vodka bottles clanking away in the flimsy carrier bag at her leg.

I was surprised at the location of the Hall as it is slap-bang in the middle of a housing estate. Already I am thinking that there are bound to be undesirable elements of the living kind just arsing about outside all night taking the piss but in I went, quietly cursing the fact that all the people at school who said “Wow that looks like fun, lets do it” were nowhere to be seen! I prayed some other ghosthunting nutbags would take pity on me and let me be friends with them for the night.
Can I just say that I am not one of those people who believe in ghosts and poltergeists and all that, but neither do I not believe. I think maybe that certain energies, imprints of you like, can get left behind in a place and I also don’t see why there might not be such a thing as ghosts. Plenty of people believe in God but I don’t know anyone who ever met him.
Who knows?
At one time the earth was flat; electricity, telephones and TV would have been considered witchcraft of the highest magnitude & yet now you can get a watch that is also a TV, DVD player, phone and PC!
I was going along out of pure interest (perhaps more to see if I could stay up til 5am more than anything else.)
I enjoy shows like ‘Most Haunted’ but do find it hilarious.
“Shhhhhhhhh did you hear that?” (No, cos all I heard was you going Shhhhhhhhhhhhh). “Did you see THAT?” (Erm, nope negatory Yvette, I saw nothing).
Personally I find the idea of lost souls lingering on years after their deaths in some kind of persistent memory, still doing the same mundane things they did in their lifetime, or dead children running around the place waiting to play with the likes of me spending the night in a haunted house for fun, actually very sad. If it was me, I’d be wanting a very, very long kip, not pissing around moving glassware or knocking on doors for the heck of it or heaven forbid, still going to work or doing the ironing 500 years after I had died!
I also wanted to check out the Medium who would be joining us, as I had never met a real one before, well not one who practiced their ‘gift’ for money anyway.
So… It turned out there was only 12 of us, all women. The bird from the Anthony Nolan Trust collected our sponsorship then cleared off pretty sharpish and left us with the Fright Night woman and a Medium called Jill. Fright Night woman told us a bit about the hall and gave us a tour, regaling us with previous tales of spectral encounters. Jill then gave us a little meditation session to ‘open our chakras’ to ‘make us more open to receiving spirit’.
Suitably relaxed yet slightly wired from 4 pro-plus, 2 black coffees and a Twix I slapped the old head torch on, attached myself to a pair of sisters who had taken me under their wing and we set about the serious (?) business of sitting in rooms in the pitch black and calling out; “is there anybody there, knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me etc etc”.
Our Medium Jill would every now and then pipe up “Ooh hello, I have children here.” Or “I have a man in my face with a beard” or “No don’t touch me please, I know you are here, I see you. Go and touch someone else and let them know you are here”. at which point everyone would edge away from Jill and look fearfully over their shoulders.

It wasn’t frightening but maybe that was just the logical in me, but it was interesting to be part of and to watch and see how others reacted. In one room, we walked through (with torches on) I suddenly felt very light headed and instinctively put my hand to my belly and felt a real strong urge to burst into tears and then just as quickly the feeling passed. Jill came and asked if I was pregnant (I blame the woolly poncho I was wearing, and quite possibly the Twix!). I denied this emphatically and she said she had seen me for second as a different lady but heavily pregnant.

So that was a bit weird.
She then asked if I was a twin as she said she saw 2 lookalikes of me in different dress stood beside me. I kept getting the name “James” and “Emily” popping into my head and told her so. She smiled mysteriously and told me I was “Popular with spirit tonight” (cue the usual gags about Gin, Vodka, large tequila etc).
I alarmed everyone at least 3 times by bumping into something metal hanging from the wall & making a great rattling noise, knocking something off a side table and walking into someone while I was going up the stairs in the dark – like I said…What a clutz!
We went into another room and smelled horses, and stables and a waft of freesias. In another room someone claimed to see an orb. In another room there was a mans face at the window and a load of knocking which caused a bit of girly shrieking and much clutching of arms and shoulders but it was only some local outside with his kids at silly o’clock trying to be funny (what did I tell you?).
We did have a go at a bit of the old glass moving. Not a Ouija as such but just asking for the glass to be moved towards a torch if ‘anyone was there’. Move towards the torch for Yes and away for No etc. To our surprise it did move. Rather a lot, and very freely, even when we barely had our fingers on it (and nope the Medium or the Fright Night bird weren’t joining in at this stage so it wasn’t them and no one was under the table, which was just a fold up card table). The ‘spirit’ (how many quote marks and brackets can I include in this blog?) claimed to be a 14 year old boy called Edward who was a cousin of the family and who had died of consumption.
True? Who knows?
Maybe it was just some kind of telepath(etic) energy from a bunch of sleep deprivated women cracked up to the eyeballs on Red Bull, coffee and chocolate causing some kind of raw energy.
The same trick also happened with a small table in another room, between about 6 of us we got it to slide round and round the room seemingly with just our fingertips and no one doing any pushing.

Intriguing? – Yes.

Proof of an afterlife where the dead wander aimlessly about, perpetually stuck on a different astral plain just waiting to entertain the living by torchlight in the dead of night? – Hmmm? I think I’m going to need to actually see something before I commit.

I did feel at one point like I was being touched on my hair and another time, my elbow and my hands but it might have just been overtiredness. My eyesight is crap at the best of times and in the dark all I could see out the corner of my eyes was the frames of my specs and shadows in the dark.

It was fun though and I would do it again, after all, I have done it before, many years ago at Oxford prison. I managed to stay awake for the duration, which was good and I also got a lift home, which was even better as, although I didn’t see the White Lady, the scary woman in the kitchen, the 7ft tall man in the Blue Room or any of the ghostly children who are supposed to haunt the place, I didn’t fancy hanging about there on my tod waiting for a taxi to collect me at half past 5 in the morning!

Have spent today catching up on my beauty sleep and tomorrow I head to Chester for a few days to check what havoc my childerbeast have created at The Moss this weekend with my folks. Back on Thursday and then next week it’s back to school!.

Good Times.

I leave you with a link to a YouTube clip of probably my favourite ever ‘Most Haunted’ episode. Proof if any was needed that the show may not always take itself that seriously!



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