School’s Out!!


Movie Quote of the Day: “How do you explain school to higher intelligence?” – E.T.

Name that Tune: “No more pencils, No more books, No more teacher’s dirty looks” – School’s Out, Alice Cooper

The day after my last post we had a TA’s meeting at school and it’s definite that I will be supporting J in Y3, and on 2 afternoons a week will be supporting L to cover PPA time. Good news! This makes it a lot easier for me to plan my study time & Observations etc. So, I came home feeling a lot more positive than the day before.
Also last week on Transition Day I got to meet the Y3’s ‘to be’ who are a class I haven’t yet worked with. They seem a pleasant enough crowd and even put their pencils down & listened when instructed to do so, resulting in raised eyebrows of amazement & jubilation from myself & J)! I am sure it won’t last but it was reassuring nonetheless.

Friday was the last day of term & I set off to work with a banging headache after somehow not leaving myself enough time to grab a coffee & I never fully recovered from this trauma all day. The kids were all very giddy and the Y6 Leavers Assembly reduced us to tears, thanks to their recitations of dubious favourite memories of their time at school (generally consisting of friends or teachers hurting themselves or farting), badly sung songs about leaving school and some of the boys who are usually the first to get into a scrap, breaking down into tears & setting us all off!

The day passed in a flurry of shirt & autograph book signing & I managed to come home with some booty in the shape of giftage from colleagues & cards & pictures from pupils. Good Times!

Yesterday, the first day of the summer holidays was of course completely crap! I hate Saturdays at the best of times. Don’t know why but I’m more of a Sunday gal. The childerbeast did my head in from the get-go, fighting with one another and making a mess of everything the moment I had just got it shipshape. They had a party to go to in the afternoon which I thought would keep them quiet although I was in no mood at all to sit up at the Swingers & Doggers Club up the road listening to DJ Nipper & his mobile disco doing rendition after rendition of ‘The Pizza Hut Song’. I almost brought them home because for the 1st half hour they both just sat on my knee with long faces refusing to join in and only perked up when the buffet was declared open (clearly taking after their Dad in that respect!). When we got home I went for a lie down and basically didn’t get back up again. Bman entertained them, I got up to make sure they went to bed & then took to my bed again to watch ER, which did nothing to improve my frame of mind as the storyline was about dying children.
Fortunately, after somehow bagging a lay-in this morning as well as such an early night, I awoke feeling much more like it and ready to face Day 2 of the 6 WEEK HOLIDAYS, which lets face it does deserve the capitalisation if you have offspring to entertain. I had already planned to take them to the movies today. We had tickets to see ‘ET’ at the National Media Museum for only a quid a go. My childerbeast were not convinced that this was a fun way to spend a Sunday (they wanted to see ‘Ice Age 3’ instead). I insisted however that watching ET on the Big Screen was a joy and something every child should do.
It was most interesting how most of the children (who seemed to average at around 6 or 7 years of age) did seem to be pratting about for a lot of the movie up until the part when ET makes Elliott’s bike fly & then there was a fair bit of ‘Oohing & Ahhing’ & then it all went very quiet when he is discovered face down in the river…. and the sound of subdued sniffing could be heard around the theatre.

I found myself biting my tongue & wiping my eye on A‘s hair (she was by this time sat on my knee) at the point when ET ‘dies’. Then when the time comes for him to finally go home and we’re into; “Be Good” and “I’ll be right here” territory A just let out an almighty loud wail & just started to sob uncontrollably into my shoulder very vocally with her coat pulled over her head. I didn’t know whether to join in or laugh. Had to make with the comforting and drying of cheeks and “There there there, it’s only a film” etc. Poor lamb.

How to completely traumatise your 4 year old – make them go and see ET at the movies!

I think the only reason R kept it together is because A‘s outburst made her laugh & took away the spud from her throat.

(I still love the bike racing scenes though when the children are clearly replaced by grown men.)

What shall I make them watch next do you think? ‘My Girl?’ ‘Lassie?’ ‘Titanic?’, ‘Threads?’

Am on a mission now to plan lots of outings for the next 6 weeks to stop us all from going insane and also because we have talked of nothing but it being warm enough to camp since April and so far the closest we’ve got to a night under canvas is chucking up that pop up Leopard in the carpark of Eureka last week. Not exactly Bear Grylls on tour is it?

Right I’m off to research some local campsites – preferably ones within easy reach of a pub that does grub. I have been looking online for fancy dress ideas for the Fancy Dress day at the Ilkley Moor Festival we are going to in early August but I soon regretted typing in the phrase “Adult Fancy Dress” into Google!! Not sure that a peephole bra pregnant nun costume is the way forward for a family festival!!


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