Happy Happy Joy Joy


Movie Quote of the Day: “Do you ever feel like there’s this whole other person inside of you just trying to get out?” – High School Musical

Name That Tune: “We’re all in this together, when we reach, we can fly, know inside, when we make it”. – All in this Together, HSM cast

Well HSM3 at the drive-in movies (big screen in Eureka carpark) followed by a firework display sounded like a grand idea at the bargain price of a tenner all in for a Saturday night’s entertainment for me & the childerbeast. Fate of course had other plans…

Arrived in good time to throw up The Leopard (jungle print pop-up tent) in prime position to the “oohs & ahhs” of some other early birds who made with the “I wish we’d thought of that” and the “Wow, does it fold up as quick as it goes up?” etc etc. Picnic-ing commenced, friends found, cue the music, cue the fancy dress items, cue the bouncy exitable atmos…..2 hrs later cue the final announcement after several intermittent ones, that the show would unfortunately have to be cancelled due to the broken generator and the fact that the replacement was still an hours drive away in a van on the M62! Boo hiss! Quick demo to now tetchy & disappointed crowd of how to empty and fold away The Leopard and off we went, home again home again jiggity jig.

Essentially we went all the way to Halifax to have a picnic in a concrete carpark infront of a large lifeless flatscreen TV mounted atop a large truck while we listened to Magic FM or some such playing the HSM Soundtrack on a continuous loop.

It sounded like a good idea when I booked it….

You may recall I wrote something last Friday about loving my job and no two days being the same. Case in point was my lovely lovely favourite class who yesterday blew us away with their fantastic teamwork in creating sturdy, stable, inventive & architecturally brilliant bridges in a variety of mediums….today however during Sports Day, they have got right on my last nerve & made me sympathise wholeheartedly with that science teacher blokey who clubbed a pupil round the head last week with a measuring weight. I suspect he may well have just been pushed to the limit & snapped!

They’re all on loonyjuice though with it being the last week of term. Next it will be that stupid first week of the holidays when we spend each evening yelling “Get out of my yard!” from the backdoor step as the annual and little known mass participation event of “Fence Hopping round Tyersal” begins.
I thought it had started early tonight as I was convinced I could hear exuberant young male voices out back a minute ago. Off I stomped downstairs to turf them out, then thought the better of it…

local school kids X my workplace + Me X trackydaks + Mr Staypuft XXXL Teeshirt + pink fluffy slippers = total lack of respect tomorrow in assembly.

One of the minus points of living so close to school is that all the kids also live so close to school!

So I have come home today feeling inexplicably (or perhaps with some justification) thoroughly Fed Up.

It’ll pass.

When all said and done, it could be worse… no sign of swine flu in the family yet & no one I know has been dumb enough/drunk enough to end up in a wheelie bin after a boozy bender and end up up getting crushed to death by a garbage truck! (read about this on AOL news).
Nor do I know anyone daft enough to go climbing an electricity pylon & be fried to a crisp (also saw this on local news – somewhat amusingly with a reporter standing infront of the offending pylon & warning of the dangers of getting too close to them whilst behind him the legs of the pylon were now strewn with floral tributes presumably lovingly, & daringly, under the circumstances, tied there by bereaved family & friends).

I await now the inevitable running over of one of the many children who right now, long after bedtime, are still charging around outside with total disregard for road safety.

With that I bid you a cheerful Good Night. Xx


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