Take That (and party!)


Name that Tune: “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it” – I’m so Excited! The Pointer Sisters

Movie Quote of the Day: “Goodness, we sure had a lot of excitement tonight” – Enchanted
Finally!! My ‘Take That’ tickets have arrived.

I was beginning to get a bit clammy about the armpit regions that they hadn’t arrived when other people I know who are going on the same day (23rd) already have theirs. The Ticketmaster website told me basically zilch and the Helpline was anything but helpful… Press 1 if you do not have your tickets. Press 2 to enter your booking reference. Press 3 if you have hair of indeterminate colouring. Press 5 if you are mentally writing a formal letter of complaint as you go through yet another menu. “Thank you, your call is important to us but all our agents are busy laughing at you and picking their arses please try again tomorrow”. After being on hold for what felt like an age getting lulled into a stupor by, no doubt artfully chosen, chill-out music (to send you to sleep so you got cut off, or to coddle the mind so you forgot why you were ringing) I eventually got through to a real alive person by taking a tip from my friend D and basically pressing loads of different numbers over and over again on the phone in order to baffle the system. Suddenly I was magically transferred to an amiable enough young girl presumably who worked in the Department for Retards who apparently don’t know how to operate a touchtone phone (Hey, it worked though eh?). She made a good show of being sympathetic and advised me that all tickets for the 23rd had now left their possession and were somewhere in the ether of the Royal Mail system, which did not fill me with any hope or reassurance whatsoever, then basically told me to ring back if they hadn’t arrived by Friday and; “she would see what she could do”.

So this morning I rang our local sorting office in the early morning 10 minute timeslot that there is actually anyone there to answer the phone. A surprisingly helpful lady had a look for any registered post in my name and advised that yes indeed there was an item for me on the van out for delivery and although they could (somewhat bafflingly) not allow it to be signed for by a neighbour or re-routed to me at school, even though it is on the same post route, they were allowed to just stick it through my door without a signature. I dashed home at lunchtime to check as I feared a lost envelope and my permission to the Royal Mail to deliver it unsigned for may invalidate any claim I might have over Ticketmaster if I needed to arrange a duplicate set. Luckily there they were, as elusive and rare as unicorn shit, on my doormat. Big sighs of relief all round and I could at last let my sister know I had them in my sticky paws.
Result Numero Uno!

Result Numero Due – Bouncy castle booked for R’s birthday party on Saturday (pray for fine weather), as although it was advertised as being; ”with raincover so you can bounce away regardless of inclement weather” the small print did read: “WARNING: castle should not be used in wet weather”! Hmmmm?

Result Numero tres: – Am borrowing SB’s chocolate fountain for the party too as an extra surprise for the RhoBo. She’s already excited beyond all sense – crying at nothing and having hissy fits at even less, she is going to be giddy as the proverbial kipper by Saturday morning and will probably end up just sticking her face into the chocolate when I fire that bad boy up! Bman is already fearing for his stereo and threatening to cover it with plastic sheeting in a protective and preventative measure. LOL.

Giddy gooey bouncy times ahoy!

Ooh I forgot. I met someone for the first time on Sunday who has read this blog from back in the early AOL days but actually lives an the other side of the World – he brought wine and chocolate (and if that wasn’t bonus enough) did not turn out to be a deranged psychokiller in disguise! Lovely to meet you M, sorry you couldn’t find the K2 for that hands on, chapati, no cutlery & ill-matching crockery, curry experience but I trust you ate well at the Agraah instead. Hope you have a safe trip home. 🙂



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