Soggy Sponges & Technicolor Dream Invertebrates


Name that Tune: “just throw it on me, unh, just throw it on me” Throw it on me, Timbaland

Movie Quote of the Day: “Yes I am a fool. And thank God for it!” – Women in Love
Well considering I was the sitting target for a bunch of 5 year olds yesterday (I figured how good can their aim actually be at that age) I still managed to get a thorough soaking at the PTPS Fundraiser. Full change of clothing required after my 30 minute stint in the ducking chair and notes made to self to do as the rest of the faculty did if there is ever a next time and don a shower cap, elastic waist waterproof trousers & scuba mask! A couple of Reception class had a startlingly accurate bowling arm & got me full on in the face and one of them had 8 goes so I don’t know what I have done to deserve that!

I found bits of grass down my shirt when I was getting dried off and into fresh clothes & was in such a hurry to get changed & back into class that not only did I manage to leave a rolled up sock inside my trousers right in the buttock regions so for 10 minutes, until I realized, I was walking round school with a weird looking cyst on my right bumcheek! Don’t think anyone noticed though so that was the first good save of the afternoon. The second was when it came time to go home at 3pm and I got my bag from the stockroom and saw my spare undercrackers on the floor! They must have fallen out of my bag as I hurriedly slung it in there. That would have been a beautiful find for the School Superintendent when he did his cleaning rounds later on! Mrs B’s keks being held up for claiming in the Lost Property assembly at the end of term – Noice!! God I am so blonde. Hahaha

The childerbeast played out last night & I let them draw on the patio with the giant chalks R won at last Sunday’s party for doing the best impression of a frog. They shouted over to me to look at the snails they had coloured. I scoured the path for these masterpieces but saw nothing but scribbles & noughts & crosses and lovehearts scrawled across the door of Bman’s prized shed. “Where are these snail pictures?” I asked. “No Mummy, not pictures. Snails. Look!” they answered each of them bearing aloft a handful of real live snails now sporting a variety of pink, yellow and orange coloured in shells!!

At least it will now be easier to spot the little feckers if they start eyeing up my lettuce & broccoli plants!

Vive le weekend Xx

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