Running, Wrestling, Whoooooh! & Wringing Wet


Name that Tune: ‘”When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?” – Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jnr.

Movie Quote of the Day: “No-one ever comes in here. / Why? Moaning Myrtle” – Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets

So how goes the week in KitkaWorld thus far?

Was impressed with myself for not only hitting the ball in Rounders at school but actually managing to get a Rounder AND most importantly…………
not peeing my pants on the way round. Had I known I was expected to join in I would have gone for a wee beforehand, so it was with some trepidation that I took my place in line with the kids but fortunately no change of strides was required (Nurse! Any spare PE Kit for Miss B?) lol. Didn’t make a complete ass of myself when the time came to be bowler either so that was a good day!

Today has been a mixed bag of last minute playground detail and being called to assist in restraining a child and carting them back into school after an incident. My counterpart was punched prey hard and both of us were kicked in the ankles for our troubles and sworn at with the professional air of a sailor – bad news in a 7yr old! Having managed to get the child inside they then managed to escape and a game of cat and mouse ensued around the grounds until eventually age and experience triumphed over youth & stubborn anger issues and the protagonist was brought under control & back inside.
At some point in the mêlée I cut the knuckle on my finger (probably while trying to hold the door open to get the wriggly swearing kicking child inside) so I sported some nice blood-stained sleeves and a plaster for the rest of the day.

My afternoon shift was slightly less traumatic but nonetheless full of its own drama as I had to deal with a gaggle of 9 year old girlies getting themselves into a tizzy about (of all things) a ghost in the girls toilets, turning taps on & off & banging on cubicle doors and carrying on about them all being cursed. I suspect they have been watching too much inappropriate telly or reading spooky books but all I could think about was ‘Moaning Myrtle’ from the Harry Potter books. The best I could sensibly muster was that if anything strange should occur again then they needed to tell the caretaker. Kids?! I remember similar tales of ghoulish interest going round at my primary school when I was a similar age. “The Pink Lady”, which started as a loose rumour and blew so much out of proportion that some parents complained to school that their children were not sleeping properly for fear of this mythical spectre. The Head Teacher had to give everyone a stern warning in Assembly about taking things too far!

Moaning Myrtle

Tomorrow is class photograph day in the morning so tonight I shall have to practice a suitably sensible yet friendly demeanour for the camera and try and make the old barnet look presentable if I am to be immortalized on Kodak paper. I will NOT be doing as my darling 4 yr old suggested and; “flying in a parachute across the school hall, naked, with a flag between my bumcheeks that says ‘Spongebob’”
(Note to self: no more watching Spongebob Squarepants Movie for her – what was I saying about inappropriate telly?). I think I’ll stick with the bog standard, slightly self conscious grin instead.
Mrs B! You’re Fired!
In the afternoon there are various fundraising events going on around school and I have volunteered to join a few other brave staff members to have wet sponges thrown at us. I think I’m in reserve in case anyone bottles out but I’ll take a change of clothes just in case I get called up. I figure – they’re children… how good can their aim be?

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